Most parents will tell you that parenting is a challenging role. For parents who are co-parenting after a divorce, however, successful parenting can be even more difficult. 

Not only are there additional schedules to juggle, there is also the constant risk of miscommunication with the other parent. One tool that a growing number of parents are beginning to utilize to help with co-parenting is apps. 

The following will provide some important information about smartphone applications that parents can easily install and which can revolutionize the job of co-parenting. 

Why You Should Consider Using a Co-Parenting App

Some parents are desperate for help wherever they can find it, while others are more cautious to integrate new tools into the process. A few of the valuable features and abilities that co-parenting apps offer include: 

  • Calendars with the ability to create parenting schedules, make a note of upcoming events, and request trades in parenting time
  • Expense tracking and virtual receipt sharing, which makes it easier for parents to track various costs associated with the children
  • Banking features that allow for transfers between the parents bank accounts
  • Documents to record and share details between children and caregivers concerning a child’s insurance, medication, and other important things
  • Tools that allow dates and timestamps to be placed on messages as well as confirmation of when messages are viewed

Five Top Co-Parenting Apps

Five of the most popular co-parenting applications that parents should consider include:

  • OurFamilyWizard. Perhaps the most popular co-parenting app, Our Family Wizard (OFW) offers a number of different tools to assist parents in creating schedules, logging expenses, and sending reimbursements. One unique feature of OFW is its Tonemeter, which identifies any emotionally charged sentences that a parent might send. 
  • 2Houses. Almost as popular as OFW and slightly less expensive, 2Houses offers a calendar, a tool to share appointment details, a journal to log notes, and an expense feature to track child-care costs. 2Houses also lets users upload and export photo albums easily.
  • Appclose. Free and user friendly, AppClose has a number of helpful features for co-parenting. Some of the program’s features include a shared calendar, message log, and reimbursement tools.
  • Kidganizer. Advantageous for co-parenting, Kidganizer allows parents to create profiles for multiple children and input critical information including details about finances as well as parenting schedules. 
  • Talking Parents. This free service was created a secure way for co-parenting to communicates. The app allows parents to maintain records of conversations, which cannot be edited or altered at a later date. In addition to the program’s primary communication features, Talking Parents also allows users to export past communication logs in a PDF file. While a standard Talking Parents account is free, it is possible to upgrade for a nominal monthly fee which results in the user being able to access additional communication features.

Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

No matter what steps a parent takes to make the co-parenting process easier, unfortunately obstacles can still arise. If you need help navigating the co-parenting process, do not hesitate to contact Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. today.