No person is perfect, and during any court case we all run the risk of doing something out of fear or spite that causes more trouble than we expected. Regardless of your initial intentions, once you have acted, your entire case may be impacted. When it comes to any type of case that will eventually be reviewed by a judge, saying you are sorry or otherwise trying to downplay your actions will not work. Knowing what actions to avoid while you litigate and making sure you do everything you can to take advantage of your knowledge will increase your chances of facing real and tangible harm as a result of one ill thought out action.

Public Spectacles

In a world where every single action has the potential to be recorded and go viral it is important to avoid becoming the next trending topic when you are waiting to go to trial. Anything you do has the potential to become available for public consumption. Of course staying home until your case is concluded is not a viable option, but you can avoid certain situations that often lead to poorly planned behavior in public.  Excessive drinking, loud arguments during disputes, and physical fights are all things that strangers enjoy recording and sharing on the internet with little thought to how the content may affect the people involved.

Pretending to be Confused or Uninformed

Mistakes happen and every adult makes a few bad choices in life. It is possible that before you find yourself in cour,t you may do or say a few things that you find yourself regretting once the judge hearing your case learns the details. If you find yourself being expected to explain your actions do not try to play dumb in the hopes of dodging accountability or responsibility for your actions. Pretending to be stupid, innocent, and uninformed is not going to go over well, especially if you have already established yourself as an organized and intelligent person in court.

Illegal Activity

Avoiding anything illegal when you have any form of case pending should be common sense, but, unfortunately, it is something that occurs on a regular basis. Getting a minor traffic violation ticket may not affect any non-traffic court related cases you have pending, but a person going through a divorce or custody dispute could be in hot water if he or she is arrested for any serious offenses. Even if you do not engage in illegal activity, just being associated with someone accused or convicted of a crime could cause you serious harm.

Talk to a Georgia Attorney

Representing yourself or using do-it-yourself resources might seem like an attractive option, but without the help of a qualified family law attorney, you could make many mistakes that negatively impact your case. The team at Vayman & Teitelbaum know that any type of case is stressful and can be overwhelming. We work on your behalf to alleviate some of your burden while making sure you receive the advice and representation that you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys in one of our Atlanta area offices so that we can begin giving you legal advice.