Once a divorce is finalized, moving on is one of the best things you can do for yourself mentally and financially. Unfortunately, getting over the emotionally draining and financially devastating effects of divorce is easier said than done. One way people begin building a new life after their marriage has dissolved is by starting to date. After spending years away from the dating scene, this process can be daunting, and for newly single parents it can be challenging. There are some ways that you can make dating after a divorce work for you.

Safety First

With multiple stories of people being physically attacked or murdered after going on dates with a new person, your safety should be your primary concern. Regardless of your gender, size, or physical prowess you should always meet a new love interest in a public place. Let those closest to you know exactly where you are going for your date and how they can keep in touch with you.  Maintain contact with those closest to you until you are safely home after the date. Failing to protect your privacy and take steps to ensure your safety could place you or your loved ones at risk.

Keep Certain Details to Yourself

The first date is not necessarily the right time to tell your new love interest your life story.  Keeping details regarding your divorce, children, and assets to yourself is recommended while you get to know the person. Even details such as where you live might be best to withhold until you are more comfortable with the new person. Letting a stranger know that you are newly single, living in a now one-parent household alone, and then giving a stranger your address could place you in a difficult or dangerous situation. Giving your date information about your divorce could also lead to him or her contacting your former spouse or others if he or she gets angry or wants to harass you.

Make Sure the Divorce is Really Final

Until the divorce is 100% finalized, be careful about returning to the dating scene. Some people make the mistake of dating while their divorce is in its final stages, feeling that in all practical ways they are divorced. In reality, starting a new relationship before the judge has signed off on your divorce could lead to issues such as the questioning of your credibility or the fairness of your divorce and custody arrangements. Prior to setting up a dating profile or going out with a new person, talk to your attorney to make sure dating will not negatively affect your settlement strategy.

Vayman & Teitelbaum

Discussing all things related to your divorce and possible post-divorce issues with your attorney is the best way to protect yourself from complications that stall your ability to move on. The team at Vayman & Teitelbaum understands that the idea of discussing your dating life with your divorce attorney is embarrassing, but we also know that confiding in your attorney is the best way to keep your case on track. We are able to provide you with honest advice based on our years of assisting others successfully settle their divorces. Contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our Atlanta locations so that we can begin discussing your legal situation.