Going through a divorce can be emotionally challenging. Many recently separated couples make regrettable decisions during this emotional and scary time. Fortunately, there are some pieces of advice that couples should always remember to follow to make the situation as manageable as possible. This article will discuss some of the most important guidelines that newly separated people should follow.

Control Your Communications

It is critical to remember that any recorded statements you make can be later used against you. This means that you should be cautious about sending emails, posting on social media, or leaving voicemail messages during emotional periods. You should also avoid leaving messages for anyone if you have been drinking alcohol. Instead, you should follow the rule that you do not make any written statements that you would not want a judge or your former spouse’s divorce attorney to see.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

Going through a divorce is often quite intense, which means that many recently separated people feel the need to unwind. Some recently separated people try to relax by drinking alcohol. If you do plan on drinking, you should always make sure that there is an available designated driver or call a rideshare service.

Watch What You Tell Your Children

Many parents make the mistake of speaking poorly about their spouse in front of the children. This type of behavior drives a wedge between both spouses and their children. This type of behavior also leaves children uncertain about their roles in the family. Instead, you should avoid speaking negatively about your spouse in front of your children. You should also avoid speaking negatively about your former spouse to other people in your community.  

Avoid Actions Fueled by Emotion

It is not uncommon to read accounts of what individuals have done due to the substantial emotional pain that follows a divorce. It is important to avoid doing anything motivated by emotions like anger or jealousy while going through the divorce process. Many recently separated individuals benefit from the services provided by a counselor who can make sure that you are practicing good habits and avoiding bad ones.

Follow Court Orders

It is critical that not just newly separated individuals but everyone follows court orders. Failure to follow court orders can lead you to face complications from a court of law. It is often much easier to follow a court order than deal with the complications that arise from violating such an order. Make sure to follow orders related to alimony payments or child support. If your circumstances change or events occur that make it impossible to follow the court order, speak with a knowledgeable family law attorney who can help you communicate that to the court or request a modification to the order.

Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

If you are recently separated from your spouse, you should make sure to obtain the assistance of a skilled divorce lawyer. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. today to schedule an initial case evaluation.