The cornerstone of successful parenting during the holidays is placing the needs of your children first. The following are several important tips that you can follow to make any holiday much easier for your children after a divorce.

Create a Plan in Advance

It is a wise idea to make a detailed plan with the other parent as early as possible. By arranging where the children will be at each moment as well as who will be responsible for transporting the children, you can avoid any tension that might come out of any last minute arrangements. Children also tend to pick up any friction that exists between parents, which means that they are much more likely to enjoy themselves if things remain as calm as possible.

Have the Child Contact the Other Parent

If your child is spending the holiday with you rather than the other parent, allow your child to call or video chat the other parent. This helps communicate that it is important for the child to maintain a relationship with both parents and helps the child feel more comfortable.

Do Not Discuss Divorce Details During the Holidays

It is a wise idea to agree with your former spouse not to discuss any details about your divorce during the holidays. If there are things to be discussed about the divorce, like custody or schedule changes, arrange a time once the holidays are over to discuss these matters. Discussing these matters could lead to arguments and make matters uncomfortable for your children.

Decrease Your Expectations

If a holiday celebration ends up anything short of what you expected, you might end up feeling disappointed about things. Instead, the best advice in these situations is to go into things with no expectations and instead focus on your ability to spend time with your children.

Keep Up Tradition

It is common for your children to want life to be exactly the same as they were when you were married. Unfortunately, after a divorce occurs, things will never be exactly the same again. Instead, it is possible to take old traditions and find a new way to uphold them. It is possible to still hold onto traditions that your family loves as long as you approach them with the understanding that things will never exactly be the same again.

Contact a Knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer

The divorce process can be particularly challenging, but by following some important pieces of advice, the process can be made much easier. If you encounter any unseen or particularly challenging obstacles associated with your divorce or the process that follows, reach out to an experienced attorney who can help fight for the results you deserve. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. today to schedule an initial case evaluation.