There are a number of difficult jobs in this world. One difficult position is being a single parent to a child. The numerous challenges that single parents face can be compounded by the inquisitive nature of children. The following will review some of the answers that single parents can provide when asked difficult questions by their children.

Where did my other parent go?

Perhaps the most difficult question that any single parent must answer, there is no exact right answer to this question. 

Before answering a child who asks this, you should consider: what actually happened to the other parent, whether it is appropriate to disclose details about the other parent to the child, and the child’s age and maturity level. 

These details should influence the answer that you choose to provide. If there is no reason to not share details about why a child has a parent, then be honest with the child. 

Does my other parent still love me?

Regardless of what contribution you have made to your child’s life, it is important to answer affirmatively to this question. Regardless of what happened to the other parent, the child should know that both parents love him or her. 

While discussing this point, it is often a wise idea to inform a child that the parent’s absence was not caused by the child and that the child has not done anything to make the other parent not love him or her.

Why do other children have two parents?

As children grow and are exposed to other families, most single parents are asked this question at some point. 

One of the reasons why many children ask this question is that they have a difficult time accepting that their family is different.

Parents should try to answer this question honestly. Explain that there is no one way to create a family and that your love for the child is limitless. 

Will you leave too?

Children want assurance that you will always support them and that they are loved. While it might be difficult to predict what the future holds, it is important for children to understand that you never plan on leaving them. 

Regardless of what unforeseen circumstances occur, your child needs to know that you will always be there.

Will I ever get a second parent?

This is another common question that nearly all single parents receive at some point. It is understandable that most children should be inquisitive about what they perceive at times to be a missing part of their lives. 

Regardless of whether you answer this question as a yes or no, it is a wise idea to tell your child that anyone who might become part of your family will never replace anyone else. 

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