As summer comes to an end and children and parents prepare for the beginning of a new school year, some anxiety is only natural. Children must adjust to a new teacher and new classmates while their parents must get accustomed to a different routine. When a couple is newly separated, the stress associated with the beginning of a school year is compounded. While no longer being a couple can make getting mutual children prepared for school difficult, these back to school tips for separated parents can make things more manageable.

Decide How to Share Information

During a divorce or separation involving children, both parents want to remain informed about their children’s educational progress. The distribution of information may lead to problems as a parent either seeks to control information or feels as though information is being withheld from him or her. Deciding how to share details such as your children’s grades, dates of parent teachers conferences, and more can reduce conflict while keeping both parents active in their children’s lives.

Split Expenses

Parents throughout the United States spend billions of dollars on back to school related shopping each year. Though some schools have started providing children with laptops and other supplies, the average parent can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes, bags, and other items.  Dividing expenses for school supplies equally can reduce animosity between parents by having them invest an equal amount in the educational cost of a child. When a couple is separated with no legal divorce decree created, sharing the expenses is a good way to avoid entering child support and custody negotiations with fewer hard feelings.

Plan for Emergencies

Now that you are separated, you and your former partner need to make a plan for handling emergency situations. When two adults are working, living in separate households, and speaking less frequently, a mild emergency can turn into a major disaster. Decide which parents should be the emergency contact in the event your child becomes ill at school or is injured. Work together to determine who can get to the school faster in the event of an emergency and who will watch the children when school is closed because of bad weather or another unforeseen and unscheduled event. Talking and planning at the beginning of the school year can reduce the chances of having to make a last-minute decision that could negatively impact you, your child, or your case.

Talk to an Attorney

Navigating a separation involving children is often complicated. Prior to making any written agreements or moving out of a shared home, it is best to talk to a family law attorney. An attorney who has handled various types of family legal matters can provide you with realistic advice that suits your specific situation. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are prepared to help you and your family. Our team understands how important it is to have a smooth transition in marital status for the sake of you and your children. Contact one of our offices today to schedule your consultation.