Child Support and Alimony Tax Implications

Once a couple has gotten divorced after reaching an agreement regarding child support and alimony, they are often unprepared for the tax implications associated with their divorce settlement. Paying and receiving different types of support has the potential to affect how your taxes are filed, along with your taxable income. Reputable and experienced accountants are […]

How to Obtain an Alimony Modification in the State of Georgia

Alimony in the state of Georgia is not a requirement but can be awarded in appropriate situations. Similar to child support, alimony can be modified when necessary even after alimony has been granted. Individuals should understand some of the essential ways in which life decisions can impact the award of alimony and when alimony can […]

Alimony and Spousal Support in Georgia

The state of Georgia introduce the paying of post-marriage maintenance in 1980. Under the Divorce Code of 1980, spouses were entitled to alimony if it was deemed necessary. Georgia has two categories of alimony that can be paid, and knowing the difference can help with your divorce settlement. Consulting the marriage and divorce experts at […]

Why a Lump Sum Payment of Alimony May be the Best Option

In a previous post, we explored the many different ways that alimony can be distributed. One such form was a lump sum payment. Here, we will explain some of the benefits in opting for a lump sum payment over the other options.


If you collect a lump sum payment that is labeled as “alimony,” it may […]

What Type of Alimony Should I Receive?

Alimony is an allowance out of one party’s estate that is made for the support of the other party when the two are living separately. Under Georgia law, alimony may be awarded in cases of divorce, voluntary separation, or when one spouse is abandoned or driven off by the other spouse against his or her […]

Can I Be Awarded Alimony Before I am Divorced?

It is often the case that during the marriage one party was the sole provider or contributed more to the monthly income for the parties that the other. Sometimes that the other spouse does not have sufficient means of support on his or her own to wait until the divorce is finalized. Under these situations, […]

How Can I Be Granted Alimony in My Divorce?

An element that may be decided upon a divorce or separation is whether or not a party will be awarded alimony. Alimony is defined as an allowance out of one party’s estate that is made for the support of the other party when the two are living separately. It can be awarded on a temporary […]

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