Child Abuse

Recognizing the Common Signs of Child Neglect

Children require compassion and the highest degree of care. Unfortunately all too often, parents, grandparents, or guardians fall short of this standard. In some situations, this substandard care can constitute child neglect, which is a serious offense in the state of Georgia. The Child Welfare Department even reports that 2.36 children out of 100,000 children […]

Why Your Lawyer Needs to Know About Domestic Violence Accusations

The connection between domestic violence and divorce is one that psychologists continue to explore. One thing that is not often discussed is how false allegations of domestic abuse can negatively affect a divorce or custody case. Being accused of domestic violence is stressful and can play a major role in your case, but embarrassment often […]

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

On July 1, 2012 new requirements became effective in Georgia concerning mandatory reporting of child abuse by certain people. Previously, the act only applied to medical personnel, psychologists, social workers, counselors, law enforcement personnel, child service organization personnel and school teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors. With this new legislation, the list was expanded to include […]

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