Child Custody

How are Parental Rights Impacted if You Have to Move After a Divorce?

While navigating a divorce, parents will agree to terms concerning custody as well as parenting time. While it can take some time to grow accustomed to these arrangements, many parents eventually do. When one parent later has to move, however, it can become necessary to change these terms of the divorce settlement. As a result, […]

How to Help Children Live Comfortably in Two Homes

Not all marriages work out. For couples who are forced to navigate a divorce, the challenge becomes how to make sure that the children endure the process as successfully as possible. For many children, the transition from life with two married parents to two separated parents can be difficult. In recognition of the best interest […]

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Child Custody

When it comes to handling end-of-marriage issues, it is common to experience numerous negative emotions. One common obstacle that can create anxiety and stress in parents is deciding who will have the parenting rights to the couple’s children. 

For many parents, it is important to maintain a relationship with the children. Just because you disagree with […]

Spotting Signs of Parental Alienation

Any parent who is navigating custody or divorce can benefit greatly from detecting the signs of parental alienation. Unfortunately, it is not always clear if a child has been impacted by the condition, which is why parents should be on the lookout during this difficult period of transition. The following are some of the key […]

How to Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation

Child custody evaluations are an important step in the custody process. During these evaluations, a court-appointed mental health professional will evaluate your family as well as your home. The professional will then make a recommendation based on his or her findings concerning the rights that a parent will have to visit with the children in […]

How to Respond if a Child Refuses Visitation

There are a number of things that parents must adapt to after a divorce. One challenge is growing accustomed to a custody or visitation schedule. This is true no matter if one parent holds sole custody and the child visits with the other parent or if both parents share joint custody. 

After a court grants a […]

Who Determines a Child’s Religion After a Divorce?

When parents divorce, they end up arguing about a number of issues concerning the children involved. One hotly debated issue for many couples is what religion the children will follow. 

The following will review how the question of what faith a child will follow after parents separate has been answered by Georgia courts.

A Balancing Test

When asked […]

What to Consider When Marrying Someone With Children

If you are debating marrying someone who has children from another relationship, there are a number of important points to think about. 

Some of these factors include your relationship with the children, how the marriage would impact child support, whether you plan on adopting the children, and whether any changes to estate plans are required. 

This article […]

Navigating Custody Issues as a Busy Parents

Many parents in Georgia have the difficult task of balancing their personal lives and their career aspirations. While some people are able to easily find a successful way to achieve this balance, other people discover that it is much more difficult to do so. 

If you are a parent whose work takes you away from home, […]

Petitioning for Temporary Guardianship

One of the important aspects of caring and supporting children is to make certain that they are watched over by someone who can care for them. When emergencies occur involving child custody, it is understandable that you would like to act immediately to make sure that your child receives adequate care. The following will review […]