Child Custody

Navigating Custody Issues as a Busy Parents

Many parents in Georgia have the difficult task of balancing their personal lives and their career aspirations. While some people are able to easily find a successful way to achieve this balance, other people discover that it is much more difficult to do so. 

If you are a parent whose work takes you away from home, […]

Petitioning for Temporary Guardianship

One of the important aspects of caring and supporting children is to make certain that they are watched over by someone who can care for them. When emergencies occur involving child custody, it is understandable that you would like to act immediately to make sure that your child receives adequate care. The following will review […]

Is a Child Custody Evaluation Necessary in Your Divorce?

If you are separated from your spouse and believe that issues regarding child custody will be hotly debated, it is possible that your attorney might have suggested a custody evaluation. You might wonder exactly what a custody evaluation is or whether an evaluation would be beneficial for your situation. The following will examine both of […]

Child Custody for Relocating Parents

Most often, the best option for a child of divorce is to have two parents who live within a reasonable distance of one another. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, this is not always possible or realistic. 

For many separated parents, it becomes necessary to relocate several cities or states away due to a job, […]

Divorcing a Spouse With Substance Abuse Issues

Statistics reveal that there are millions of people in the United States who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. Not only does battling an addiction leads to problems in a person’s life, it also can create a number of substantial obstacles for a person’s family.

Given the added strain that an addiction can place on […]

Is Virtual Visitation a Good Fit for You?

“Virtual visitation” is a way for parents to enjoy face-to-face interaction with their children through electronic means. The exact technology used to achieve this communication can include personal video conferences, video phones, and web cameras. The purpose of these visits is to enhance as well as sometimes act as a substitute for communicating in person.

Why […]

The Importance of Georgia Parenting Plans

Divorcing a spouse can be much more complex if you have children together. When children are involved, there are a number of things that must be addressed before you can finalize a divorce, including the creation of a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a document that details the agreement between a divorcing couple in […]

Tips to Help Fathers Prepare for Custody Issues

Dads face a number of unique challenges during child custody disputes. One of the reasons the custody process is more difficult for fathers is that gender stereotypes persist in custody decisions. If you are a father seeking child custody, consider the following custody advice to make sure that your parental rights are protected.

Pay Attention to […]

Methods to Protect Your Children During a Divorce

It is unfortunately a common occurrence for children to be negatively impacted by divorce. If you are considering divorce, there are some things you can do to minimize the negative effects your divorce will have on your children. The following will review some common tactics that parents can use to help protect their children during […]

Essential Items to Include in a Parenting Plan

Children progress through a number of phases as they grow. If you are divorced and have a child, however, it is critical to have a well-written parenting plan that helps to deal with the various obstacles that could arise. Failure to create an adequate parenting plan can make life more difficult for you, your ex, […]

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