Child Support

The Impact of Divorce on Children: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects

Divorce can have substantial effects on everyone in a family. Parents need to find new ways to communicate and relate and must choose new methods to parent their children. The effects of divorce on children can vary as some children greatly struggle with the transition while others react in more understanding and natural ways.

The good […]

Child Support and Georgia Farm Families

Regardless of whether you live on a farm in Georgia or in the middle of downtown Atlanta, child support in the state is calculated based on the income as well as qualified deductions of both parents. While the calculation of child support payments might seem simple and straightforward, it is often a complex process for […]

What Expenses Georgia Child Support Covers

Despite the complex emotions involved, the divorce process involves several routine, practical steps. While there are things like the receipt of a divorce summons and the separation of assets, couples also must determine how the welfare of their children will be maintained after the divorce. While some divorces proceed relatively smoothly and parents can agree […]

Important Things to Remember About Military Families and Child Support

All parents are financially responsible to some degree for their children, but military parents have particular duties when it comes to caring for their families. As such, several laws exist to make sure that the children  of military parents receive adequate care. 

The failure of military parents to follow these laws can lead to serious penalties. […]

Orthodontic Expenses and Divorce

While most parents recognize the value of children having straight teeth, braces are often expensive. Many parents find a way to pay for the cost of braces, but this can be made much more complex if parents are divorced. 

As a result, it is common for parents who have sole custody of children after a divorce […]

Requesting Child Support Modification

Child support is a complex issue, which can be made even more complicated when the amount that a person must pay changes. There are a number of common misunderstandings surrounding child support payments and the modification of those court-ordered arrangements.

Most often these changes occur because one or both parent’s finances have changed as a result […]

Essential Items to Include in a Parenting Plan

Children progress through a number of phases as they grow. If you are divorced and have a child, however, it is critical to have a well-written parenting plan that helps to deal with the various obstacles that could arise. Failure to create an adequate parenting plan can make life more difficult for you, your ex, […]

Divorcing When a Child has a Disability

It is not uncommon for unanticipated obstacles to arise during the divorce process. Sometimes, these obstacles are simple. For example, it can be difficult to find an experienced divorce attorney. Other obstacles are much more complex. For example, negotiating child support and a parenting plan with your soon-to-be-ex spouse when you have a child with […]

What to do if You Cannot Afford Child Support Payments

When a person has a reliable paycheck and a steady job, child support payments are often easy to make. If an obstacle arises, however, it can become difficult to continue making child support payments. In these situations, it often becomes critical to obtain a child support modification. While there is not any guarantee that a […]

Retroactive Child Support in Georgia

There are some situations in which a father is not made aware that he has parental rights or responsibilities to a child. For example, a father might not learn that he is the biological parent to a child until many years after a child’s birth. Other times, an unwed father might be involved with a […]

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