Child Support

Are You a Victim of Child Support Fraud?

In January of 2007, Georgia child support law changed to incorporate the income and expenses of both parents when calculating monthly support obligation amounts. The new formula was meant to make support payments fair to both parties while ensuring that children of the relationship were cared for financially. While the change has been mostly beneficial, […]

Things to Check Before Disputing Back Child Support Amounts

Child support has long been one of the most stressful aspects of negotiating any divorce or separation that involves minor children. A parent who has already been able to obtain the custody agreement he or she desired is often less than enthusiastic about paying child support.  The state of Georgia has implemented a child support […]

Tips for Dealing with an Ex Who Will Not Pay Uninsured Medical Expenses

Medical coverage is one of the issues that parents must discuss during the divorce or child custody process. Maintaining health insurance for a child is often included in the custody and child support decree with the amount paid to keep medical insurance used to calculate child support amounts. Usually, the custody and child support agreement […]

Changes That May Affect Your Support Payments

Even though child support and maintenance payments (alimony) are court ordered, it is possible to modify either amount. The modification process requires a hearing and the party requesting the modification is required to submit proof to support his or her request. While not all reviews lead to modification, finding out that your former spouse is […]

How to Handle Falling Behind on Support Payments

Following a divorce or separation, it is not unusual for a non-custodial parent or primary income earner to find him or herself responsible for paying child support or spousal maintenance. These payments are meant to provide financially for children of the relationship or allow a former spouse the opportunity to transition from married life to […]

Why Paternity Should Never be Taken for Granted

Establishing paternity is often one of the first steps of determining child custody arrangements. The state of Georgia currently allows paternity to be established by signing a voluntary paternity acknowledgement or by the parents of a child being legally married at the time the child is born.  Though genetic testing is an option to verify […]

What Not to Do When Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support

Child support payments are often a source of stress for adults after custody and payment amounts are finalized. It is not unusual for one or both partners to feel that the court ordered payment amount is unreasonable. Even if both parents are satisfied with the amount determined using Georgia’s child support calculation formula, a substantial […]

Combating the “Deadbeat Dad” Stereotype

Child support often becomes a matter of contention when couples who have minor children decide to get divorced. Both parents want to be sure that their children are provided for, but neither party wants to voluntarily put themselves in a financially precarious position. As divorce became more common, and child support laws were introduced to […]

Preparing a Defense for Contempt of Court

Contempt of court is something that most people associate with disrespectful conduct during a court proceeding. Though courts are able to use contempt laws to maintain proper behavior during hearings, contempt motions can also be used to enforce judgments or orders. In Georgia, it is possible to have a motion of contempt filed against you […]

Potential Problems When Child Support Ends

Child support is the amount of money non-custodial parents pay to help provide necessities for their children when they no longer live with them on a full-time basis. In January of 2007, Georgia changed its method of calculating child support payments. Prior to 2007, only the non-custodial parent’s income was taken into consideration, but after […]

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