Attempts to Beat the System That May Backfire

The average person is never fully prepared to get a divorce. No matter how often you have fought with your spouse and even if you have gotten divorced before, few people who get married truly expect their relationship to end with divorce. Since divorce is one of the most expensive legal processes a person can […]

What Should I do if My Ex Will Not Return Our Child?

Parental kidnapping, the act of a parent violating a custody order or concealing the location of a child, is one thing that every newly separated or divorced parent worries about. Each year nearly 800,000 children are kidnapped and approximately 200,000 of these children are abducted by their parents. Often influenced by a fear of losing […]

Advice for Co-Parenting with Someone You Dislike

Immediately following a bitter divorce, it is possible that you will thoroughly dislike your former partner. A contentious custody battle and fighting over child support often make it hard for a former couple to see eye to eye or even communicate in an effective manner. Unfortunately, once the custody agreement becomes a court order, a […]

Ways a Contempt Motion can Backfire

Filing a contempt action in family court can force a former spouse or domestic partner to abide by a court ruling regarding alimony, child support, or child custody arrangements. Contempt actions are less time consuming than initial divorce or custody hearings and are often heard by the judge who issued the court order that is […]

Is Your Ex in Contempt?

The realization that your former spouse is not willing to uphold his or her end of a court ordered agreement is an unpleasant shock that unfortunately is fairly common. Even after months of meetings, court hearings, and tense discussions, some adults still believe they cannot be punished even if they ignore portions of a legal […]

Preparing a Defense for Contempt of Court

Contempt of court is something that most people associate with disrespectful conduct during a court proceeding. Though courts are able to use contempt laws to maintain proper behavior during hearings, contempt motions can also be used to enforce judgments or orders. In Georgia, it is possible to have a motion of contempt filed against you […]

Understanding a Contempt Action in Family Court

Contempt of court (often only referred to as contempt) is something that many people associate with doing something disrespectful or disruptive while physically in court. In family court contempt refers to any action done to deliberately violate a court order. Finding out that you are in contempt can often be surprising, but understanding what caused […]