Four Pieces of Marriage Advice From Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Most marriages that end in divorce are not the result of one fight or factor. Instead, many marriages that do not last are the result of a culmination of elements over the years. One of the best ways to avoid a path to divorce is to learn from couples whose marriages did not last. With […]

When Mediation is Not a Good Option for Your Divorce

There are numerous advantages that couples realize through using mediation to divorce. Not only is mediation less stressful and saves on costs, but mediation can also help couples quickly and easily agree on the terms of a divorce. Mediation, however, is not a suitable option for every divorcing couple. While a knowledgeable divorce attorney can […]

Techniques to Make Navigating a Divorce Emotionally Easier

Divorcing a spouse is rarely easy. After a divorce, it is common to find that many parts of your life have forever changed. With the changing world that accompanies divorce, it should come as no surprise that divorce is often full of  intense and painful emotions. Failure to properly navigate these emotions can make it […]

Things No One Tells You How Life Will be After Divorce

Many people discover that divorce is one of the most stressful processes that they ever navigate. One reason why divorce is such a strenuous process is that it impacts every aspect of a person’s life, including where that person lives, how much time he or she spends with his or her children, and how that […]

New Years Resolutions for Recent Divorcees

One of the traditions that many people engage in as the new year rolls around is creating resolutions to improve and better themselves. If you are currently navigating a divorce, it can be an excellent idea to begin the year by making resolutions to focus on achieving both a happier and healthier you. The following […]

Recognizing When a Child of Divorce Needs to See a Therapist

The divorce process is full of complex emotions including anger, sadness, and stress. Most parents who navigate divorce are also concerned about their children’s well-being. Even the most peaceful divorces still have the potential to substantially disrupt a child’s life. The most argumentative and contentious divorces can cause substantial emotional unrest in children. In either […]

Identifying Assets in Farm Family Prenuptials

Many people still view prenuptial agreements as something that should not be part of a marriage. In reality, Georgia farmers can benefit from realizing that prenuptial agreements are a type of insurance that can provide helpful assistance in case a marriage does not last. These agreements merely help to make sure that each party leaves […]

Keeping the Family Farm Intact During a Georgia Divorce

Farms play an important role in the lives of many Georgia families. Current data reveals that Georgia has 9.9 million acres devoted to farms, which equates to more than 42,000 individual farms. While it might seem challenging, some Georgia farmers who end up divorcing are ultimately able to keep their farms. Even though it might […]

Creating Your Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorce is a challenging process to navigate. Many people at the end of a marriage find themselves facing emotions like nervousness, fear, and sadness. Given the large number of marriages that end each year, however, a huge number of people are forced to struggle through these emotions.

One of the most challenging parts of a divorce […]

What to do After Receiving a Georgia Divorce Summons

Some people anticipate the receipt of a divorce summons, while others are completely surprised. In addition to being surprised, it is also common to end up feeling overwhelmed, frightened, and sad after receiving the document. Because it is often difficult to determine how to respond when a Georgia divorce summons lands in your hands, the […]

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