Domestic Violence

Georgia Domestic Violence: A Serious Social, Economic and Health Concern

At one point in their lives, approximately one out of every four women in America will be physically assaulted or raped by a partner. The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) was established to fulfill the need for programs, services, and support for domestic violence victims in Georgia. Domestic violence, according to the GCADV, is […]

Why Parents Should Consider Getting Protective Orders for Minor Children

During a contentious custody battle, it is not unusual for parents to find themselves defending themselves against accusations made by their former spouses. Though there are times when false allegations are made, sometimes the claims made are justified and honest. A parent who is legitimately concerned for the well-being of his or her children may […]

New Georgia Bill Would Take Guns Away From Domestic Violence Offenders

It is inevitable that people who are relationships will argue. Verbal arguments are a natural part of relationships, and many people in relationships even get into yelling matches. Often, these arguments are about things that annoy one person about the other. Other times, the arguments are about something one partner wants to change. Regardless what […]

Ways to Protect Children During a Contentious Divorce

Each year thousands of adults file for divorce in the United States. Though many divorces occur without issue, there are times when a divorce becomes contentious. Spouses who cannot agree on property division, child custody, and other issues may grow volatile. In situations involving one spouse who has a history of becoming unreasonably angry or […]

Abuse and Custody: What You Should Know

Abuse can take many forms – physical, sexual, mental or emotional. Children can suffer abuse from a parent, or a spouse can suffer abuse from another spouse. An individual can suffer from the effects of abuse for years after the incident, and in some cases, never truly get over it. If a parent is in […]

Temporary Protective Orders

A temporary protective order is one type of order that a judge can hear in cases of domestic violence. Only particular individuals, however, can request temporary protective orders. Applicable law in the state of Georgia requires that there be a family relationship of some sort between the parties and an act of family violence that […]

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

Domestic relations cases involving children can become complicated and contentious. Parents may have differing views on how their child is to be raised and both may want to have child custody. Issues may also arise during related proceedings that factor into the decision a parent may make regarding the children. For instance, if the case […]

My Ex Will Not Stop Harassing Me

If you are experiencing a harassing ex, a restraining order can help. A restraining order is a court order intended to protect victims of harassment and domestic violence from further abuse. They are issued by a judge in a hearing where the plaintiff and defendant are each given an opportunity to present a case for […]

Georgia Protective Order Registry

A protective order is used to protect individuals from certain types of violence, including family violence or stalking. Violence can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and intimidation, verbal abuse, control, isolation, and economic abuse. The protective order is an official court document issued by the judge and requires a certain named individual to […]

Is Domestic Violence Occurring in My Home?

What comes to mind when most people envision domestic violence is physically battered spouse. She is the woman who lives in fear of her everyday life, blaming herself for the pain that she must endure, and who does not know how or is unable to get herself out of an awful situation. There are thousands […]

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