Emancipation of a Minor

How Does Emancipation of a Minor Affect Georgia Child Support Payments?

Generally speaking, parents are expected to financially support their children until those children become adults. In most cases, this means that a Georgia non-custodial parent would be expected to pay child support until the child legally becomes an adult, by the terms of the state. However, if a child becomes emancipated before turning 18 years […]

Can Emancipated Children Hold Parents Responsible for College Tuition?

In a groundbreaking case that recently unfolded in New Jersey courts, parents cannot be held responsible for paying a child’s college tuition without having a say in their child’s decisions. The state’s Appellate Court oversaw Ricci v Ricci, a case that in which daughter Caitlyn Ricci battled her divorced parents Michael Ricci and Maura McGarvey. […]

Emancipation of Children

Whether you have a child who is considering becoming emancipated, you are considering emancipation yourself, or you are simply curious about the emancipation process, it can often prove enormously beneficial to retain the services of a skilled family law attorney.

Situations in Which a Minor Need Not File for Emancipation

There are several particular situations in the […]

Petition for Emancipation

In a previous article, we explored the situations in which an emancipation of a minor may occur. ¬†One such option was emancipation pursuant to a petition filed by the minor, who is at least 16 years old, with the juvenile court. There we explained the standard needed for a court to approve such emancipation. But […]

Can My Child be Emancipated?

Emancipation means the termination of the rights of parents to custody, control, services, and earnings of a minor. Emancipation can occur in two instances: By operation of law or pursuant to a petition filed by the minor with the juvenile court.

Emancipation occurs by operation of law under any of the following instances:

When a minor […]