Family Law

Tips for Maintaining Productivity During Your Case

No matter how you find yourself in family court, chances are that your ongoing case will cause a great deal of stress and depression. Mental health issues during divorce, custody, and other family law cases are common often affecting a person’s employment or ability to care for loved ones. Depression, anxiety, and other issues have […]

Why You Must Take Divorce Threats Seriously

Marriages rarely deteriorate overnight. Most couples experience a slow decline in their relationship as their interactions decrease while their arguments increase. Eventually one partner may begin threatening to file for divorce. This threat may only occur once, or it may become a common part of your arguments or disagreements.

While it is possible that the statements […]

Three Things You Should Never do When Trying to Prove Infidelity

Fidelity is the cornerstone of marriage upon which trust is built. A couple’s loyalty to each other is often one of the few consistent aspects of an uncertain life, and when one spouse feels as though that trust is broken, the entire relationship can quickly deteriorate. Once a person begins suspecting his or her spouse […]

What Not to do if a Former Relative Calls CPS During a Custody Dispute

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a nationally recognized agency that provides protection and advocacy for neglected or abused children. In theory, CPS is only contacted when there is a serious concern for the safety of a child, but some people use CPS to harass or intimidate others.  During a divorce or separation involving child custody, […]

Four Ways to Help Your Family Law Attorney

The attorney you retain to help you with your divorce, custody, asset division, and other family law matters is someone you must ultimately trust during one of the most difficult times in your life. Not only will your attorney represent you, he or she will also give you valuable advice that could impact the rest […]

Signs of Paternity Fraud

Custody and support issues play a large role in divorces or separations involving children.  Parents may spend years trying to come to terms that both parties can agree on, often spending thousands of dollars in legal fees. After finally securing custody rights and agreeing to financially support a child, finding out that the child is […]

How to Fight Against Paternity Fraud

In the past, accusing a woman of lying about the paternity of a child during a divorce or breakup was viewed as nothing more than a way to attack her out of anger. Today, research has shown that thousands of men are the victims of paternity fraud each year, causing a great deal of emotional and […]

Why was My Hearing Postponed?

After spending several months preparing for your day in court, the news that your hearing is being rescheduled often comes as a shock. A Motion for Continuance is not unusual, but it is not something that everyone with a scheduled court date anticipates. Though in most cases, rescheduling a hearing is a minor inconvenience, if […]

Two Things You Should Never do After Receiving a Family Court Summons

When a family law related dispute advances to the point that legal action is necessary, one party will eventually receive a summons to appear in court. These documents are served by the sheriff, a private process server, or the opposing party themselves. Once the reality of the situation and the fact that you must now […]

Why Your Lawyer Needs to Communicate on Your Behalf

Communication is one of the most important parts of any family law case. Resolving a dispute over property divisions, custody, or support payments usually happens once all parties are able to talk and come to an agreement that is beneficial to everyone. Unfortunately, in certain scenarios, talking to the other party is not in your […]

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