Grandparents’ Rights

Ways Grandparents can Help Grandchildren Navigate Divorce

After learning that your child has begun the divorce process, you likely feel sorry for your child. As a grandparent, you also likely worry about how this will impact your grandchildren. After all, many grandparents take the opportunity to lavish love and affection on their grandchildren. While the divorce process is not easy, you can […]

Pursuing Visitation Rights as a Georgia Grandparent

Grandchildren play an important role in the lives of many grandparents, and vice versa. It is understandable that many grandparents desire to maintain ongoing relationships with their grandchildren. This relationship, however, can be jeopardized during a divorce. If you are a Georgia grandparent who is at risk of losing your relationship with your grandchildren, you […]

The Rights of Grandparents During a Georgia Divorce

During and after the divorce and separation process, children tend to be the ones who suffer the most. There are a number of studies that have been conducted over the years revealing just how traumatizing the effects of divorce can be on children. In an increasing number of situations, grandparents are assuming the role as […]

Your Guide to Grandparents’ Rights Following a Divorce

Divorce is difficult for more than just the former couple and any involved children. Another group of people that must adjust to the numerous changes that occur after a divorce are grandparents. In Georgia, there are some important rules (including O.C.G.A. section 19-7-3) regarding the rights of grandparents following a divorce. As a result, to […]

Grandparents’ Rights

In many family law situations involving the custody of a minor child, the grandparents might lose visitation rights with their grandchildren. If the parent of the grandchild has visitation rights removed, the custodial parents of a grandchild do not have to grant former in-laws any visitation with a grandchild. Georgia law was written to give […]

Who Receives Visitation Rights After a Divorce?

It is no secret that divorce can alienate certain members of a family. The reasons for a divorce are numerous and the effects can be felt for some time afterward. In some cases, life resumes in a similar way after the divorce is finalized. Yet for some, a couple’s divorce changes everything. When a divorce […]

Can My Child’s Grandparents Force Visitation?

Most often, visitation cases involve disputes between the parents of a child. However, visitation may also be granted in some cases to the grandparents of a child. These cases often arise when a grandparent believes that he or she is unreasonably being denied visitation with the child and would like the court to intervene in […]