Good Reasons to Request Custody Modifications

Parents who discover that a child custody arrangement no longer works as well as it once did are often able to file a request for the court to modify the existing custody order. This article reviews several of the most common reasons why a parent might seek to modify an existing child custody order. In […]

Why Was My Child Support Modification Request Denied?

Each year parents throughout the United States pay or receive over $30 billion dollars in child support. Job loss, wage reduction, and other unforeseen events often impact a noncustodial parent’s ability to make timely payments, leading to 25% child support default rate. Requesting a child support modification is an option available for those who cannot […]

Tips for Preparing for a Modification Hearing

An involuntary change in financial circumstances may create a situation that makes it difficult or impossible to pay court ordered support. Falling behind in either spousal support or child support can place a former spouse or noncustodial parent in a precarious legal position. Instead of continuing to fall behind while hoping for a miracle to […]

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