Parental Rights

Three Things You Should Never do When Parental Alienation is Suspected

Over the years, child and forensic psychiatrists have discovered that parents have the ability to turn their children against a co-parent during a contentious custody battle. Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) occurs when one parent constantly insults or speaks negatively about the other parent without any justification. The result is the vilification of one parent and […]

Why Paternity Should Never be Taken for Granted

Establishing paternity is often one of the first steps of determining child custody arrangements. The state of Georgia currently allows paternity to be established by signing a voluntary paternity acknowledgement or by the parents of a child being legally married at the time the child is born.  Though genetic testing is an option to verify […]

Complexities Associated with Paternity in Georgia

Many different legal issues can pop up when unwed couples live together. One of those issues is children. When a child is born during a marriage in Georgia, that child is automatically presumed to be the child of the man who is married to the mother. However, more and more, children are born to unwed […]

Establishing Legitimacy to Preserve Your Rights as a Father

The establishment of paternity is something that is often associated with child support obligations or divorces involving adultery claims. While establishing legitimacy is an important part of establishing child support obligations for children born out of wedlock, they are also important to fathers who want to secure their relationships with their children. After a separation, […]

What if My Child Does Not Want to Go to Court Ordered Visitation?

For parents who do not have custody, the parenting time, or visitation, with their children is extremely important. Custodial parents can chose to help with this issue, or in some cases, they can interfere with the visitation with their words or actions to the point of making the children refuse to go with the other […]

Thinking of Having a Baby Before You Say ‘I Do’?

Recently, America has seen a new trend in the way young couples are building their families. More frequently than ever before, couples are actively choosing to have babies before they tie the knot. Celebrities sensationalize this new way of creating a family unit as a superior idea, but in times of such high divorce rates, […]

Methods for Establishing Paternity in Georgia

Once a child is born in Georgia, it is important to ensure that paternity is established.  When a child’s paternity is not legally established in order to legitimize the child, both parents are at risk of losing certain rights. Fathers who have children without establishing paternity will have no legal rights to parenting or visitation […]

Surname of Your Child in Georgia

A new case in Georgia is making headlines around the world and it involves the naming and surname of a child. The state has specific laws on what a child’s last name can and cannot be after birth, and one couple is challenging the state’s law.

There are thousands of cases in Georgia each year involving […]

Considerations for Fathers Going Through a Divorce

Each parent plays a considerable role in the lives of his or her children, and the state of Georgia recognizes this. Laws and tools are available to both parents that allow them to establish and maintain their parental relationships. The following is a set of considerations and tips that you should keep in mind as […]

Frozen Embryos and Divorce

Deciding to start a family can be a wonderful time filled with hope and excitement. However, conceiving a child can often be difficult and pose many challenges for couples. Often couples turn to in vitro fertilization (IVF) for help. IVF is a medical procedure in which an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test […]

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