Tips to Help Fathers Prepare for Custody Issues

Dads face a number of unique challenges during child custody disputes. One of the reasons the custody process is more difficult for fathers is that gender stereotypes persist in custody decisions. If you are a father seeking child custody, consider the following custody advice to make sure that your parental rights are protected.

Pay Attention to […]

The Advantages of Establishing Paternity

There are a number of concerns that men have about establishing paternal rights after a child is born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, in the state of Georgia, a biological father in this situation does not have the same legal rights to a child until paternity is established. While there are some additional complications that can […]

Placing a Father’s Name on a Child’s Birth Certificate

If a child’s parents are married at the time of birth, the father’s name will be automatically added to the birth certificate because in the eyes of the law, the mother’s husband is presumed to be the father of her child. In situations in which a mother is not married at the time of birth, […]

Surprising Paternity Fraud Facts

Paternity fraud is a criminal offense in the United States that occurs when a man is led to believe that he is the biological father of a child who is not really his. Men who are given false information regarding the paternity of a child often suffer irreparable emotional and financial harm. A man may […]

Signs of Paternity Fraud

Custody and support issues play a large role in divorces or separations involving children.  Parents may spend years trying to come to terms that both parties can agree on, often spending thousands of dollars in legal fees. After finally securing custody rights and agreeing to financially support a child, finding out that the child is […]

How to Fight Against Paternity Fraud

In the past, accusing a woman of lying about the paternity of a child during a divorce or breakup was viewed as nothing more than a way to attack her out of anger. Today, research has shown that thousands of men are the victims of paternity fraud each year, causing a great deal of emotional and […]

Why Paternity Should Never be Taken for Granted

Establishing paternity is often one of the first steps of determining child custody arrangements. The state of Georgia currently allows paternity to be established by signing a voluntary paternity acknowledgement or by the parents of a child being legally married at the time the child is born.  Though genetic testing is an option to verify […]

Complexities Associated with Paternity in Georgia

Many different legal issues can pop up when unwed couples live together. One of those issues is children. When a child is born during a marriage in Georgia, that child is automatically presumed to be the child of the man who is married to the mother. However, more and more, children are born to unwed […]

Establishing Legitimacy to Preserve Your Rights as a Father

The establishment of paternity is something that is often associated with child support obligations or divorces involving adultery claims. While establishing legitimacy is an important part of establishing child support obligations for children born out of wedlock, they are also important to fathers who want to secure their relationships with their children. After a separation, […]

Thinking of Having a Baby Before You Say ‘I Do’?

Recently, America has seen a new trend in the way young couples are building their families. More frequently than ever before, couples are actively choosing to have babies before they tie the knot. Celebrities sensationalize this new way of creating a family unit as a superior idea, but in times of such high divorce rates, […]