Expectations Involved With Adopting a Step-Child

Many parents who adopt step-children have wanted to do so for some time. In some cases, step-parents see the adoption as the next logical step in becoming the child’s legal parent. This kind of adoption offers several advantages, including the ability to make healthcare and education-related decisions and the ability to pass on assets as […]

How to Handle a Confrontation with Your Ex’s New Spouse

The number of marriages in the United States has continued to increase even though studies have shown that previously married individuals are more likely to get divorced again. Though moving on is an important part of ending a relationship when you share children with a former partner, making a clean break is not always possible. […]

Handling Disputes Involving Children and Stepparents

While the marriage rate in the United States has steadily declined, the number of people getting remarried is on the rise. Approximately 40% of all marriages in the United States involve one person who was previously married. Approximately one fifth of all marriages in the country take place between two adults who were each previously […]

Tips for Communicating with a New Stepparent

Once a divorce is finalized and custody is decided, it takes everyone some time to adjust to the new family dynamic. Adults must get used to running single parent households, while their children deal with shared parenting time. Initially everyone is so focused on managing one day at a time that the idea of one […]