3 Tips to keep the cost of divorce down in Georgia

The cost of divorce can be high no matter what state you live in. Many people look to self-representation to save money on their divorce, but it can end up costing you more in the long run and for most people this option isn’t feasible. Hiring an attorney to handle your divorce is the best […]

Helping Children Find Stability After Divorce

No matter how old children are, divorce can have a significant impact on their lives. Rather than remain part of one family, children must now learn how to live among two separate families. As these changes occur, many children find that a lot of things they have grown accustomed to have changed, which is why […]

Attempts to Beat the System That May Backfire

The average person is never fully prepared to get a divorce. No matter how often you have fought with your spouse and even if you have gotten divorced before, few people who get married truly expect their relationship to end with divorce. Since divorce is one of the most expensive legal processes a person can […]

Tips for Managing Limited Parenting Time

One of the major downsides of any divorce involving children is that the parenting time of both spouses is reduced. Parents go from seeing their children each day to seeing them based on a set schedule signed off on by the court. Even the parent who receives primary custody can expect to be deprived of […]

Four Things You Should do After You Separate

Separating from your spouse does not always mean that you will get a divorce. Even some couples who have navigated the slippery slope of dating while separated have eventually reconciled. Just remember, while you may have hopes of reuniting with an estranged spouse, the separation was necessary for a reason.  It is possible to keep […]

What Should I do if My Ex Will Not Return Our Child?

Parental kidnapping, the act of a parent violating a custody order or concealing the location of a child, is one thing that every newly separated or divorced parent worries about. Each year nearly 800,000 children are kidnapped and approximately 200,000 of these children are abducted by their parents. Often influenced by a fear of losing […]

Who Pays Visitation Expenses?

After the custody battle is over and visitation is established, that does not mean that a couple will never have a disagreement again. Once parents begin following their court ordered visitation schedule, problems that were not previously considered often come up. A common question that one or both parents will find themselves asking is who […]

Why Your Lawyer Needs to Know About Domestic Violence Accusations

The connection between domestic violence and divorce is one that psychologists continue to explore. One thing that is not often discussed is how false allegations of domestic abuse can negatively affect a divorce or custody case. Being accused of domestic violence is stressful and can play a major role in your case, but embarrassment often […]

Preparing to Receive Child Custody Psychological Evaluation Results


The final determination of child custody is often based on what the court believes is in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, when two parents are fighting for custody and the child is unwilling or unable to express a preference the court may utilize the aid of a child psychologist when making its final […]

Pros and Cons of Georgia Child Support Enforcement

Child support is often awarded to custodial parents in order to ensure the non-custodial parent provides financial assistance to children from a relationship that has ended. Some parents choose to handle child support privately without involving the court system at all. In this situation, the non-custodial parent will give money directly to the custodial parent […]

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