Why Keeping Your Family Out of the Loop During a Divorce is a Bad Idea

Getting divorced is never easy for a couple, and one of the most difficult parts of the painful process is telling family members and friends that your marriage is ending. The conversation is often uncomfortable, embarrassing, and emotional, leading some adults to put off discussing the divorce for as long as possible. Unfortunately, refusing to […]

Tips for Feeling Safe in Your Home After a Separation

Years of living with another adult can make the transition from one half a couple to single adulthood difficult. Most focus on adjusting to having a single income household and raising children without daily assistance, forgetting that the simple act of being in a house alone is sometimes daunting. Taking steps to make your house […]

Child Custody Requests That Backfire

Parents who decide to separate or divorce are often worried about the effect their choice will have on their mutual children. A parent who is committed to preserving the mental and physical health of his or her children will want to spend as much time as possible with those children following the divorce. Unfortunately, there […]

Summer Visitation Advice

Extended visits with a non-custodial parent typically take place during the summer months. Regardless of whether your child is staying close to home or going on an out-of-state vacation, preparing for summer visitation can be difficult for both parents. Custodial parents are often anxious about spending a large amount of time away from their children, […]

Lying to Your Divorce Attorney Could Cost You

The relationship between a divorce attorney and his or her client is intimate and could last for years. After an attorney begins working on a client’s case, he or she becomes that client’s biggest advocate during proceedings that have the potential to shape the next few years of the client’s life. Even though telling an […]

Failing to Pay Child Support Costs More Than You Expect

On December 21, 2016 Shaequita Grier was arrested by a DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputy for failing to pay court ordered child support. The mother owed her ex-husband $1,000 at the time of her arrest and was one of approximately 100 Georgia residents served with an outstanding child support warrant on that late December day. Grier’s […]

How to Establish Post-Divorce Boundaries

A couple who has shared a part of their life through a marriage have often achieved a high level of intimacy that is so normal it becomes subconscious. Once a marriage ends in divorce, former spouses have a difficult time finding ways to communicate effectively without making each other uncomfortable. Certain discussions that are acceptable […]

Why Legal Separation is Not Always a Good Idea

Legal separation is an option that married couples try prior to obtaining a divorce. Less expensive than an outright divorce, a separation gives both adults an opportunity to live on their own without officially dissolving the legal aspects of their marriage. A couple who separates may later reconcile without either party suffering any serious financial […]

How a Divorce in Georgia Affects Taxes

Many people fail to appreciate how substantial a financial impact a divorce in Georgia can have. Individuals are often well advised to seek advice on how to handle any of the potential financial issues that might arise during the division of assets in divorce. Individuals should always remember that divorce will greatly impact one’s taxes […]

Planning a Divorce?

If you are planning to divorce your spouse, there are a few things that you should do before filing. January to March is the peak season for divorce in the United States, and if you plan to start fresh in the new year, there are some things to get in order before filing your divorce […]

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