Planning a Divorce?

If you are planning to divorce your spouse, there are a few things that you should do before filing. January to March is the peak season for divorce in the United States, and if you plan to start fresh in the new year, there are some things to get in order before filing your divorce […]

Can a DUI Affect My Child Custody Rights?

Driving under the influence can not only be financially draining, but it can be emotionally damaging as well. It is not uncommon for a stressful situation to contribute to poor decision-making. If you are in the middle of a divorce and are caught driving under the influence, this can make a custody battle far more […]

Georgia Fatherhood Program

In a previous article we discussed that a possible way to get your license reinstated after a failure to pay child support is the Georgia Fatherhood Program. A parent can participate in this program in order to get his or her license reinstated after having failed to pay ordered child support.  However, the program is […]

Initial Questions to Ask Your Family Law Attorney

In a previous post, we explored how to find the right attorney for you. In that article we discussed that an initial meeting is vital in ensuring that you have found the right fit in the attorney to represent your case. The following are important questions that you should be sure to ask during that […]

What to Do with Personal Items During a Divorce Proceeding?

Much contest during a divorce proceeding involves the division of marital property. But what about your personal items that are in your spouse’s possession? Perhaps you left items at the marital home, storage facility, or car. What recourse do you have if you do not have access to your personal items?

Make a List of Your […]

Calculating Child Support

In a previous post it was discussed who may be awarded and who may be ordered to pay child support. If you fall into either one of these categories it is important that you understand the guidelines and factors that courts will look at to determine the amount of child support ordered.

How is Child Support […]

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