In Georgia, child support payments are determined under structured child support worksheets. Even though Georgia courts adhere to a formula in calculating child support payments, disputes often arise. In fact, disputes regarding child custody and child support are often the most contentious. We are skilled Atlanta child support guidelines attorneys who work with our clients to develop child support solutions.

Even though Georgia courts use a formula method to calculate the amount of child support a parent must pay, these worksheets can be complicated. Having an experienced Alpharetta child support lawyer who knows how to maximize the benefits of these worksheets can be extremely advantageous.

The current Georgia Child Support Guidelines take a number of factors into account when determining how much should be paid in child support, including:

  • Income of the mother and father;
  • Health insurance costs;
  • Educational and day care expenses;
  • Visitation-related travel expenses;
  • Cost of extracurricular activities; and
  • Payment of child support for children from a previous relationship.

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