After a divorce has been finalized and all of the marital property has been divided, there are often a few small but meaningful things that must be done. One of these activities is cleaning up your social media profiles following a divorce. Because it can often be confusing to determine exactly what to do, the following will review some of the steps that you might want to take on social media during this difficult time.

Update Your Relationship Status

If you do not change your relationship status on social media, it is likely that a number of people will still view you as married. It can be helpful to announce your divorce in some way.

Some of the options that sites like Facebook lets a person choose include divorce, it’s complicated, and single. Depending on your situation at the time, one of these statuses will likely be better than the other. Many social media sites also allow a person to remove his or her relationship status completely.

Delete Any Pictures of Your Former Spouse

If you choose to go this route, the step of cleaning up the images on your social media accounts is often the most time intensive. Based on how long you have used the social media site, you might have posted either a small or large amount of information. If you have a large number of pictures of your former spouse posted, it is a wise idea to avoid going through all of these photographs in one session. Instead, you should take your time and save any photos that you would like to keep before deleting them from your social media account.

Even after you have deleted all of the photographs that you wish from your social media site, you will need to untag yourself from others’ photos, as well. You can also reach out to your friends to ask them to delete the pictures. Many social media sites also allow users to independently contact the site to have this information removed, if necessary.

Remove any Unwanted Reminders

It is likely that there are a number of other reminders on Facebook about your marriage. This is because many sites create milestones to remember important dates. These reminders are fortunately easy to delete.

Much like photos, while some people have only a few social reminders on social media sites, other people have many more. Choose to delete the ones with which you are not comfortable.

Unfriend or Block Your Former Spouse

One of the most challenging questions involved with social media clean up is whether to unfriend or block your former spouse. Even if a divorce ended on good terms, you may still need some space from your spouse in order to move forward. Seeing updates about how your former spouse’s love life is proceeding can be uncomfortable and emotionally painful.

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