Divorce is a particularly emotional time for many people. The range of emotions that a person feels about divorce can be made even worse due to the numerous myths and inaccuracies that are told about divorce. To make the divorce process easier for people who are considering the process or who are currently navigating it, the following takes an in-depth look at the reality behind some common divorce myths.

Adultery is a Common Cause of Divorce

Adultery represents a serious breach of trust, and trust is vital to a strong and lasting marriage. Unfortunately, it is rare for a spouse to commit adultery without other signs that the marriage is facing problems. Additionally, some couples that experience adultery in the course of their marriage are able to later repair their relationship.

Divorces Cost a Lot of Money

In reality, a client often has a great deal of discretion in determining how much money should be spent on a divorce. With proper planning, many people discover that they are able to perform cost-effective divorces. A skilled divorce attorney can help you do this by helping you determine which offers to accept.

Divorce is Never a Peaceful Experience

One of the most important parts of navigating the divorce process peacefully is to obtain the assistance of an attorney who is skilled at resolving conflicts. Many divorce professionals agree that litigation has the potential to be particularly destructive when it comes to family relationships, but by obtaining the assistance of an attorney who understands how to peacefully navigate these issues, it is possible to avoid the ugliness of the divorce process.  

Whoever Files First Has an Advantage

Sometimes people engaged in a divorce feel the urge to be the first party to file paperwork, but this is not important to family law judges. Sometimes, the surprise filing backfires and makes the possibility of obtaining the ideal results more unlikely. Instead of hurrying to file divorce paperwork, parties are often placed at a much better advantage when they take the time to develop a comprehensive strategy.

Whoever Has the Most Aggressive Divorce Lawyer Wins

Individuals who are considering divorce often think that the outcome of their case depends heavily on which former spouse can locate the most aggressive divorce attorney. While it is true that aggressive divorce attorneys are sometimes able to obtain the best resolution in a case, this is not always so. By relying on an overly aggressive divorce attorney, there is a risk that you might compromise on other important areas of your life including privacy, protecting children from conflict during the divorce, maintaining a good relationship with your former spouse so successful co-parenting can continue, and preserving financial assets.

Speak with an Experienced Divorce LawyerOne of the important things to understand about the divorce process is that can unfold in a number of ways. During an initial case evaluation, an experienced divorce lawyer can discuss your goals for the divorce as well as how you would like matters to proceed. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum P.C. to speak with an experienced divorce attorney.