Getting a divorce is a stressful process that is time consuming and often expensive. Adults who are concerned about the costs associated with a divorce often attempt to take money saving short cuts. The most common way divorcees save money is by handling the divorce themselves.  While there are numerous resources available for people who wish to file their own divorces, filing for divorce without any form of professional assistance is dangerous. There are common mistakes in do it yourself divorce filings that can cost a person dearly in money, time, and more.

Missing Deadlines

Divorce proceedings involve numerous deadlines that cannot be missed. In addition to filing forms and serving your spouse, there are hearings or meetings that all parties must attend. Even if you believe that you are keeping track of all important dates, the court’s calendar can change at any time. The other party’s attorney may need to reschedule, the judge may get busy, and other things can occur that constantly change the timeline. These changes, when combined to your other day-to-day activities, can become overwhelming and increase the chances of a deadline being missed. Missing deadlines can cause the judge to issue orders without your knowledge concerning child support, alimony, child custody, and property.

The Wrong Parenting Plan

When a divorce involves two people who are on good terms, they may believe a parenting plan is not necessary.  In other situations, both parties may agree that a parenting plan is necessary, but the one they agree to may be ill-conceived. Child custody and visitation can quickly become problematic as time goes on and the lack of a clear-cut parenting plan could create problems for everyone involved. In some situations, the judge hearing the case may insist on the inclusion of a parenting plan and either postpone a hearing until one is created or establish one without both parents’ input.

Signing Things You Do Not Understand

Even though one party decides to handle the divorce him or herself, the other party may choose to consult an attorney. If you are the person who has not sought professional representation, you may end up signing paperwork you do not fully understand. Divorces involve a great deal of paperwork, and it is important that each page is analyzed. A person who is stressed, rushed, or intimidated by an experienced attorney may sign an agreement without fully understanding it. If the documents are concerning assets, support payments, custody, or parenting time, signing things without understanding the legalese could have far-reaching consequences.

Consult an Attorney You Trust

A do-it-yourself divorce can quickly turn into an expensive mistake if one is not careful. Instead of risking your financial future and the custody of your children consult an attorney your trust.  The professional divorce attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum have handled many divorce cases and can guide you through this difficult process. With four offices located in Alpharetta, Gwinnett, Cumming, and Marietta, they are able to answer any questions that you may have.  Contact them today at 678-736-7700 to schedule your consultation.