Meeting with a divorce attorney for an initial consultation is both stressful and straightforward. During the first consultation, attorneys usual focus on learning about your individual situation and letting you know how much their services should cost. Once a retainer fee is paid, an attorney will begin working on your case by requesting additional documentation before contacting your spouse’s attorney. Property records, bank account information, and both partners’ custody requests are discussed in detail, but sometimes important details are not discussed. Details that you do not believe are worth discussing could later cause serious problems. Talking to your divorce attorney about everything pertaining to your ex-spouse, even if these things are embarrassing, is vital and can impact your ability to get the divorce agreement you desire.

Have You Made Previous Promises?

The period prior to a couple deciding that a divorce is the best option for them is usually a time filled with arguments and in some situations, bargaining. A spouse who is completely fed up with an existing situation may decide that agreeing to something that his or her partner finds attractive will encourage the ex to agree to a divorce. Once attorneys get involved, it is important that you tell your legal representative about any previous promises you made, especially if they were in writing. Offers to pay spousal support, provide a specific amount in child support, or to give up certain property could complicate things if they are on social media, in emails, or are saved text messages.

Is This Your First Attorney?

Though most people going through a divorce prefer to find one attorney and stick with him or her, it is not unheard of for a person to utilize the services of multiple attorneys throughout divorce proceedings. If you have previously retained an attorney, you need to tell your new attorney who represented you, what they did, and why they are no longer representing you. The attorney who is now responsible for getting you the agreement that you desire must know what the previous attorney has already done regarding your case and you do not want your new attorney finding out about previously proposed agreements in court from your former spouse’s attorney.

Recently Acquired Assets

A contested divorce in Georgia can take one or more years to resolve. During this time, your financial status could change due to a promotion, receiving an inheritance, or through other unexpected means. When you acquire new assets or your finances improve, you should inform your attorney immediately. Though these changes may not impact your divorce, it is better to allow your attorney to make that decision rather than risk repercussions associated with concealing assets.

Vayman and Teitelbaum

The divorce attorney you select to represent you wants to do everything in their power to help you achieve a ruling that is satisfactory. However, an attorney is only able to help you if he or she is in possession of all the facts associated with your case. The attorneys at Vayman and Teitelbaum are able to provide you with the assistance you need while guiding you through the complicated process. Contact us today and schedule a consultation at one of our four offices conveniently located in the Atlanta metro area.