The divorce rate in Georgia and rest of the country has held relatively steady for many years. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that currently approximately 45% of marriages end in divorce. Certain new trends in divorce have evolved as of late, however, and some are surprising. While some of these divorce changes are seen by many as positive, others are less so. This article reviews some of the most noteworthy and surprising of current divorce trends.

The Number of Divorces is Actually Decreasing

Many people believe that the rate at which divorces occur is going up. In reality, there are fewer divorces being filed now than there once were. One of the primary reasons why fewer people are getting divorced is that fewer people are getting married. Another reason why divorce rates are declining is that many people are waiting longer to get married.

Divorces Among Couples over the Age of 50 are Increasing

Individuals in their 50s are currently getting divorced and remarried at larger numbers than ever before. This category of divorce among older individuals is referred to as “gray divorce.” Later-life divorce often results in more financial uncertainty than for couples who pursue divorce earlier on in life.

A Growing Number of Women are Initiating Divorce

A study presented to the American Sociological Association revealed that women initiate 69% of divorce actions. One of the reasons behind this statistic is that many women feel that marriage is oppressive or uncomfortable, and are feeling more empowered to make a change.

More Couples are Living Together After Divorce

Many people find it to hard to believe that couples would live together after divorce, but practical considerations can make this an appealing option. In many cases, living together after a divorce helps to save money and makes it easier to coparent shared children. Couples who end up living together after a divorce are almost always able to get through the divorce process peacefully or find some other way to remain peaceful with one another.

Many Divorced Partners Remain in Business Together

After the end of a marriage, many ex spouses choose to remaining business partners with one another. Some of the reasons why divorced spouses remain business partners is that neither has the money to perform a buyout or because both of the spouses realize that the company would face difficulties if one of them left.

Speak with an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

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