During the last two years, a new and unexpected fad has popped up following finalized divorces. Newly divorced couples are snapping selfies of themselves and posting them on social media. It may seem strange since most couples snap selfies to mark a happy moment at the beginning of their relationships. Yet, divorced couples are snapping them as they bring one chapter of their lives to an end and prepare for the new journey apart.

How Did it Start?

The divorce selfie began gaining traction in 2015 when several major media outlets around the world started to report on the trend. Canadian couple Chris and Shannon Neuman were the first to gain notoriety for the divorce selfie. The newly divorced couple simply snapped the photo as a way to commemorate the end of their marriage; just like they did when they got married.

Why Take a Picture?

One of the reasons couples are snapping divorce selfies is to show that separating does not have to be the awful, traumatic experience it is typically made out to be. While divorces in which couples go through hell and back seem to be the ones that most people remember, there are those marriages that end amicably. Many of the selfie photos of divorced couples pop up on social media immediately after the event. Instagram is a favorite social media  forum for the images as couples write a message to go with their photos and post them for the world to see.

Divorce in America

The divorce rate has been reported to be as high as nearly 50% in the United States. No matter the age, individuals are entering into marriages and realizing they made the wrong choice just a few years later. The divorce selfie is being seen by some who take them as proof that a couple can stay friends following separation. It is a message to the rest of the world that divorce does not have to be ugly.


While amicable separation is one of the reasons for the rise in divorce selfies, another is to show children that parents can coexist and coparent. Parenting after divorce is not easy, especially if the parents are not on the same page. By coparenting, moms and dads can work together to provide the best possible lives for their children. Marriage experts believe parents who stay together just for their children are actually hurting them in the long run. However, by coparenting, the couple not only gets along better, but can work together more smoothly in the raising of their children.

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