If you have decided that leaving your spouse is the best choice for your individual situation, then you will need to have a strong support system. Women and men who decide to get divorced often focus on making financial and legal plans. Few people remember to safeguard their emotional health by identifying people in their circles who they can rely on for support. Establishing a separation support system gives you a safe way to discuss and cope with the aftermath of a legal separation that immediately precedes a divorce. Feelings of isolation and guilt are common after a marriage breaks up, and surrounding yourself with supportive people can make a difficult situation more tolerable.

Join Online Support Groups

The Internet gives adults a way to connect with others anonymously without fearing judgment or ridicule. Websites and blogs that are centered around divorce often have message forums that allow users to discuss their situations, establishing an insulated community.  Social media sites also have private support groups for individuals who have recently separated that offer advice and judgment-free support. The Internet also gives you a platform to create your own support group that allows you to control who joins, moderate discussions, and connect with others while making sure you remain in your comfort zone.

Attend Community Events

Bonding with individuals over the Internet is a safe way to get support during a separation, but sometimes there is no substitute for physical contact. Websites like MeetUp give people a chance to meet others in their communities with similar backgrounds who are dealing with the same personal issues. Joining a group for newly divorced men or women can give you an opportunity to socialize while talking to adults who can relate to things that you are currently going through.  Alternatively, you can attend events in your community that are centered around causes or organizations that you want to support. There are times when being around compassionate people regardless of their marital status can provide you with the emotional support and personal interaction that you need.

Reach Out to Friends and Family, but be Selective

Immediately following the decision to separate, most people gravitate towards the friends and family members that they have relied on for years. Letting the people who are closest to you know that you are considering ending your marriage will help you avoid uncomfortable questions while giving you a safe shoulder to cry on. However, it is important that you are selective when deciding whom to include in your support system. The people you let into your circle should be compassionate, empathetic, and trustworthy. Having someone around you when you are vulnerable who betrays your confidence is the last thing you need to deal with during a divorce.

Getting Legal Help

After making the decision to separate from your spouse, it is a good idea to obtain legal advice from a family law attorney. An attorney can answer your questions regarding child custody, property division, and the divorce process. The team at Vayman & Teitelbaum is able to answer your questions and provide you with the assistance you need if divorce is something that you are considering. With four offices located throughout the Atlanta metro area we are available to help with your legal needs. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule your consultation.