In the past it was believed that the mother was always most qualified to care for the children of a marriage should the couple decide to get divorced. While women are still the primary physical custodians of most children of divorce, more men are successfully fighting for custody of their children. Custody disagreements can last for several months or many years dependent upon the issues surrounding the specific case. However, a devoted and active father should still consider fighting for custody of his children, especially if he believes living with them is in their best interest.

Write Down Your Schedule

No matter how dedicated you are to the idea of being a single father, it is a good idea to make sure you are actually capable of devoting the time and physical presence required of single parenthood. Writing down your schedule gives you an opportunity to honestly consider your educational and employment obligations prior to initiating a custody battle. Remember, once custody is contested, you will need to discuss your schedule with your attorney, a judge, and possibly a mediator. It is likely that your spouse will remember any outside responsibilities that you may have overlooked and use those obligations to dispute your ability to be a single father.

Relationship with the Child

The best interest of the children involved are always the primary concern of family court judges.  They will want to know how your relationships with your children are and if it is a good idea to disrupt their established relationships with their mother. Certain issues such as drug use in the home or other physical dangers will speed up the court’s decision, but without any pressing reasons to immediately withdraw a child from the home, no judge is in a hurry to relocate a child. You must be prepared to show that your relationship with your child is strong and it would benefit him or her to be in your care.

Ability to Communicate with Your Former Spouse

Once the divorce is finalized, the child custody agreement is signed, and litigation is concluded, can you parent with your child’s mother? Winning custody of your children does not mean that their other parent will no longer be involved in their lives. Your children will still have visitations with their mother, meaning you will have to communicate with her and give her regular updates regarding your mutual children’s wellbeing. If you are not prepared to give updates regarding your child’s educational progress, physical health, mental health, etc., then being the custodial parent of your child may quickly grow complicated.

Talk to an Attorney Who Understands

Not every attorney is able successfully represent a father during a custody battle. It is in your best interest to work with an attorney who understands your concerns and why you would like to keep or establish custody of your children. The child custody and visitation attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are ready to fight for your rights as a father. With multiple locations throughout the Atlanta metro area, our team is available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.  Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule a consultation.