Once the end of a marriage becomes unavoidable, people often focus on what they should not do while they are separated so that they do not find themselves in legal trouble during their divorce. However, there are also things to do while you are separated that will help you before, during, and after your divorce is finalized. Keeping these five things in mind while you prepare for your divorce will help give you a head start on your post-divorce recovery both financially and emotionally.

Start Saving Money

Finances play an important role in all divorces. Not only do many couples spend a lot of time trying to figure out a good way to divide assets, but making ends meet during the process is not always easy. Setting aside some money to use for living expenses and emergencies that occur is highly recommended. While you cannot hide assets at any point, there are ethical ways to create a safety net that an attorney may be able to advise you on.

Visit a Therapist

In Georgia, couples are sometimes encouraged to attend counseling as a couple or explore other forms of mediation. Not every judge suggests it, but in some situations, especially if one partner cannot attend court or does not want to get divorced, the suggestion may be made. A way to help speed along your process is to visit a professional with your spouse or on your own. While what you discuss with the therapist is confidential, sometimes the knowledge that you have attempted a reconciliation with the assistance of a neutral third party can help you.

Document Everything

No one has a perfect memory, and stress further affects how well we recall certain events.  Documenting conversations, actions, and other major events is a good idea, especially if you feel they contribute to your divorce. Document everything relevant such as text messages, emails, phone call logs, school events, doctors visits, and every other thing that may come up during your divorce.

Update Everything

Take some time to update everything you can such as wills, life insurance policy beneficiaries, bank account payable on death recipients, and other things that may be affected after your divorce. Some prefer to wait until the divorce is finalized, and while tampering with marital assets could cause problems, you may have the option of updating your beneficiaries and heirs.  This is often recommended to avoid a situation in which a person passes away before the divorce is final, leaving the estranged spouse as the primary heir.

Vayman & Teitelbaum

Preparing for a divorce starts well before you actually file your paperwork. One way to make sure you do not make any serious mistakes or place yourself at a major disadvantage is by consulting a divorce attorney prior to filing for your divorce. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are here to give you the legal advice you need during every stage of your separation and divorce. Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule a consultation at one of our four Atlanta, Georgia locations.