The process of divorce is full of tightly-wound tension, wildly-running emotions, and divorcing couples often find themselves making ill-fated decisions in the heat of the moment. Considering the amount of practical, emotional, and financial details that need to be sorted out during this time, it is not shocking that most couples end up making mistakes on the path to divorce. Knowing this, there are fundamental things that your Georgia divorce attorney would tell you that you should not do to ensure that you will not be living in regret after the divorce is finalized.

Attempt to Hide Financial Assets

Hiding any assets in an attempt to keep them from your spouse is, in fact, a terrible idea. You should never move any money from one account to another, or remove money from accounts, even if it is your own personal 401k that you have been working toward all of your working life, once the divorce proceeding has begun. You also should not liquidate your house or any other assets. Running out and charging up the credit cards should be avoided, as well. If you are caught doing any of this, you can be sanctioned and held in contempt of court.

Serve Your Spouse the Divorce Papers in an Embarrassing Manner

It might feel wonderfully vengeful to surprise your spouse by serving them the divorce papers at work, or in some other embarrassing manner, but if you do, you could be taking a chance that he or she will not be willing to negotiate the terms of the divorce as amicably as he or she would have if you gave your spouse some advance notice and served the papers discreetly.

Use the Children as Pawns

Watching their parents separate is going to be difficult enough on your kids, without either – or both – spouses creating a human tug-of-war with them. This is a time when children need the support and unconditional love of both parents.

Be Spiteful

The list of emotions that you are feeling right now is probably lengthy, and anger is more than likely high on that list. However, filling your spouse’s car with his or her belongings and setting it on fire will only fuel the fire, pun intended. You do not want to appear as the irrational, bitter spouse, so maintain control of your temper to ensure that you do not antagonize the judge’s opinion of you.

Continue to Deposit Money into Joint Account

This might be a bit confusing, but you are going to have to support yourself throughout the duration of the divorce. If funds are frozen in the joint account, you will be glad that you opened your own personal account and started depositing your paychecks into it so that you can handle your current bills and other expenses as the divorce is unfolding.

The only way to ensure that you are doing the right thing during your divorce is to consult with a Georgia divorce attorney as soon as possible. Our lawyers at Vayman & Teitelbaum have been helping people navigate their difficult divorces for over a decade now. Contact us today at our Alpharetta law office to set up your initial consultation.