Most marriages that end in divorce are not the result of one fight or factor. Instead, many marriages that do not last are the result of a culmination of elements over the years. One of the best ways to avoid a path to divorce is to learn from couples whose marriages did not last. With a substantial amount of experience helping couples navigate divorces, our lawyers have gleaned some helpful pieces of advice about what makes marriages last.

Discuss Everything

Many marriages end because one spouse learns details about the other spouse later rather than sooner. If you plan on getting married, it is critical to discuss your interests as openly as possible from the beginning of the relationship. If two people can fully commit to one another after an honest exchange, they will be much better prepared to handle the various challenges that can arise. Many marriages end up not lasting because this exchange does not occur and the spouses do not end up having their needs met.

Remember Why You Got Married

Marriages should be based on mutual respect and love for one another. Constantly criticizing your partner is never a good idea. You did not decide to share the rest of your life with someone because you felt they were great at criticizing you. Instead, the marriages that last involve people who can support one another and make each other feel good. There is often more than enough chaos and criticism from the surrounding world that you need not add more of these negative forces into your spouse’s life.

Clearly Communicate What You Want

It is vital that spouses not just hear, but also appreciate and understand one another’s needs. You should also make sure to actively communicate if you are getting what you want. By communicating what you want from your relationship as well as whether your spouse is meeting these needs, you can greatly increase the odds that you end up satisfied in your marriage.

Do Not Overlook the Small Things

Small acts and gestures can mean everything in marriages. Selfless acts can also help to build levels of trust in marriages. Over time, many couples whose marriages do not last find themselves unable to perform these small tasks and often reach a point at which they stop performing large gestures, as well. Often couples forget to perform these small gestures because the demands generated by work, stress, and the other chaotic elements of daily life begin to add up. Life simply gets in the way. 

Contact a Skilled Divorce Attorney

Unfortunately, no matter what advice a person follows, sometimes divorce is inevitable. If you need assistance navigating the divorce process, contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. today to schedule a free case evaluation.