Over the past two decades the Internet has made information sharing easier and given average people access to tools that previously would have cost them thousands of dollars. One Internet resource that has grown in popularity over the years is free and inexpensive legal advice. While being able to find answers to simple questions is useful, some people create problems for themselves when they attempt to get all of their legal instructions form internet sources. In the past three years many do it yourself divorce resources have appeared on the Internet, causing consumers a great deal of trouble when they are at their most vulnerable. Knowing these four ways a do it yourself divorce can go wrong will make you think twice about filing for divorce without consulting a qualified attorney.

Uncontested Becomes Contested

Two adults with a seemingly simple financial situation may decide that their uncontested divorce is something that they can handle themselves. Halfway through the divorce, a disagreement over a vehicle, a shared home, or other issue could lead to the divorce becoming contested. At this point your spouse may no longer want to agree to the terms discussed prior to negotiations coming to a halt forcing you both to start over.

Shared Retirement Asset Division Problems

As the divorce rate for adults over the age of 50 increases more couples find themselves splitting retirement funds during the process of dividing assets. Dealing with retirement accounts may seem simple, but couples do not realize that failing to handle the division correctly can lead to major tax penalties. Not only can you find yourself losing a large chunk of marital assets over an accounting error, if the terms of your agreement are not written correctly, you run the risk of receiving nothing at all.

The Big Picture is Forgotten

A person who is working a full-time job while supporting college aged children may want to get their divorce over as quickly as possible. During the rush to get things settled to resolve their present and secure their immediate future people often forget to make long-term plans.  Discovering that you cannot actually afford to maintain the house you were awarded in your do-it-yourself divorce or finding out that creditors are still requiring payment for joint bills because debt was not addressed in the divorce could lead to long last credit or financial problems.

Child Support and Spousal Support Errors

The state of Georgia has changed the laws addressing child support and spousal support to make the guidelines clearer. Unfortunately, many forms available online for divorces do not provide detailed explanations or instructions regarding determining a fair amount for support. A person with little or no legal experience could mistakenly believe that alimony is mandatory and include extra child related expenses (tutoring, camp, etc.) that are not required.

Do Not Risk Your Future

Mistakes during a do it yourself divorce can easily cost a person more money in the long term than it saves. Instead of risking your future by hoping a website is giving you accurate advice, invest in a qualified divorce attorney. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum are here to give you legal advice that addresses your unique situation. With four offices located throughout the Atlanta metro area, we are prepared to provide you with the legal representation needed to protect you and your rights. Contact us at 678-736-7700 to schedule an initial consultation today.