At one point in their lives, approximately one out of every four women in America will be physically assaulted or raped by a partner. The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) was established to fulfill the need for programs, services, and support for domestic violence victims in Georgia. Domestic violence, according to the GCADV, is a serious social, economic, and health concern for victims, due to the pattern of threats, insults, insane jealousy, explosive tempers and attempts to isolate and overpower a domestic partner. Furthermore, domestic violence is not confined to any one socio-economic, ethnic, religious, racial, or age group and knows no geographic or educational bounds. It also occurs among those in same-sex relationships.

Protective Measures

Victims of domestic violence should not feel alone or helpless, as there are protective measures and actions that can be taken to put an end to future instances of abuse. The Georgia family law attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum prioritize client safety and assist clients who want to exercise their legal rights by assisting them in obtaining restraining orders and orders of protection (family violence orders) when necessary. Our attorneys can provide guidance regarding safety shelters, as well as advise you about expert sources who can assist you with safety planning and counseling.

The Implications Associated with Orders of Protection

An order of protection, restraining order, or family violence order is a court order issued by a judge that helps to protect victims from domestic violence. An order of protection may do any of the following:

  • Disallow the abuser from continuing threats and abuse against or toward you and/or your children;
  • Order the abuser stay away from you and any other persons protected by the order, order them to vacate any shared housing, and specifically prohibit the abuser from visiting your workplace, school, or other specific locations that you frequent;
  • Require the abuser to attend counseling, and demand that they stop using drugs or alcohol, if those were factors that contributed to the abuse;
  • Specify custody and visitation rights as they relate to your children, and even require the abuser to pay child and spousal support.  
  • Award you (the victim) attorney’s fees and costs.

It is important to understand that the nature of the restraint is dependent on the alleged abuse and the type of relationship that exists between you and your abuser.

Penalties for Violating an Order of Protection

There are serious consequences if an abuser violates a family violence order in Georgia. A first-time violation of an order of protection is a Class A misdemeanor under Georgia law. The violator can be required to pay up to a $1,000 fine and spend up to a year in prison. A person who willingly violates an order of protection is often forced to deal with the consequences of those actions indefinitely.

Contact an Attorney

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