In a previous article we discussed that a possible way to get your license reinstated after a failure to pay child support is the Georgia Fatherhood Program. A parent can participate in this program in order to get his or her license reinstated after having failed to pay ordered child support.  However, the program is not only designed to assist a parent in the reinstatement of a driver’s license. Other services that the program provide include:
  • Child support services
  • GED enrollment
  • Job training
  • Job search/placement
  • Volunteer work opportunities
  • Support order modification, if applicable
The Georgia Fatherhood Program is comprehensive and aimed at helping parents find gainful, stable employment that can enable them to provide regular financial support for their children.  Once a parent agrees to participate in the program and is enrolled, he or she must comply with the participant requirements in order to complete the program. These include:
  • Paying child support when enrolled in the program;
  • Gaining employment within 90 days;
  • Work at least 20 hours per week while enrolled in the program;
  • Providing updates at each accountability session;
  • Diligent job searches immediately upon entering the program by registering with the Department of Labor and other employment agencies;
  • Reporting new employment within two days of accepting any position; and
  • Being accountable, including treating the program as if it were a job
This process generally takes three to six months to complete and participants will face some challenges, such as completing the above requirements without a driver’s license for transportation. Any other issues the parent is going through may also make it difficult, such as alcohol and substance abuse problems or mental health issues. However, there are other programs available that can help a parent in these areas. If a parent does not complete the program, or does not adhere to any of the requirements listed above, all enforcement activities will resume by Georgia law. The Georgia Fatherhood Program not only helps parents but also employers, the community, taxpayers, and the judiciary. Employers and the Community
  • Local employers are finding new sources of skilled labor, which is often in short supply
  • Increased employment benefits the local economy
  • Decreased Medicaid cost: Noncustodial parents are required to obtain medical insurance through their employer if available at a reasonable cost.
  • Decreased enforcement cost: Employer withholding child support payments eliminates the need for enforcement action.
  • Decreased incarceration cost: Because judges now have a sentencing alternative to jail, taxpayers save the estimated $50 per day cost of housing an inmate.
  • Decreased need for custodial parents to depend on TANF and other government services
  • Judges now have an alternative to jail for parents who are unable to pay child support
As you can see, this program has done much to help the state of Georgia and its residents. If you have additional questions concerning the Georgia Fatherhood Program or license suspension, please contact the attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum. Our team can help explain the many options that are available to you and develop a plan that meets the needs of your specific situation.   Popular Resources:
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