Couple who stay together for the first few years of marriage face much better odds that their marriage will last. The reality is that many fresh marriages end in divorce. Because divorces that occur early on in marriage involve a number of considerations that are distinct from divorces that occur later on in life, consider the following tips to ensure the divorce process goes more smoothly.

Common Reasons Why Divorce Occurs Early in Marriage

Throughout many years of practice, our divorce attorneys have seen marriages end for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons why marriages end in divorce after a short period of time are:

  • Many people get married without giving much consideration to whether their marriage will last for the rest of their lives. Entering a marriage blindly or without thinking things through greatly increases the chance that a divorce will occur.
  • Where one partner is not ready for their type and intensity of relationship that the other partner maintains with relatives, disputes will likely arse that will eventually result in divorce.
  • Some couples discover that loans and debt can present a substantial challenge, especially when they have not been honestly disclosed prior to marriage, which can lead to the end of a marriage.
  • Some couples discover after being married that they have different views on education, finances, religion, or other important issues.
  • Some spouses do not speak up about important issues in their marriage. Eventually, these compromises can end in resentment and this can lead to significant arguments.

The Role of No-Fault Divorce

Georgia is a state that allows no-fault divorce, which means that a person need not worry about proving grounds for divorce. This can be particularly helpful because no-fault divorce allows for the divorce process to occur much more quickly. No-fault divorce also results in a simpler divorce process, which means that there is often fewer expenses.

Financial Issues in Early Divorces

Many couples who decide to divorce after being married for months or a few years discover that financial issues are not too complex because their assets are less likely to be intermingled. Georgia is an equitable division state, which means that all property obtained during a marriage should be distributed fairly.

In many cases, the length of a marriage plays a significant role in property division during a divorce. Unfortunately, if divorce occurs early on in a marriage, courts are also less likely to award spousal support.

Emotional Advice for Early Divorces

Even if a couple decides to divorce after being married for only a short period of time, the end of a relationship can still be emotionally challenging. As a result, it is often worth considering speaking with a therapist during this emotionally challenging time.

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