Obtaining a divorce is difficult when both parties are unable to agree on major issues. If a spouse is pregnant during the time that divorce is initiated, things can become even more complicated. While Georgia does not prevent a couple from filing for divorce while a spouse is pregnant, the impending birth can affect how the judge handles the case. Though filing for a divorce while one partner is pregnant is not unheard of, it is a situation that is rarely discussed, making it difficult to find information if you or someone close to you is in this unique situation. Knowing the problems associated with getting divorced while expecting in Georgia is one way to prepare yourself for future legal proceedings.

Proceeding Delays

Even if both partners are prepared to move forward with the divorce after discovering the pregnancy, there may be proceedings delays. The judge hearing your case may want to wait until the child is born before making decisions regarding custody or child support. Complications associated with the pregnancy such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia could lead to a pregnant spouse being placed on bedrest. If a spouse is unable to attend hearings because of health problems, her attorney may request postponements that prolong the divorce process.

Financial Difficulties

Multiple studies have shown that after a divorce, a wife’s standard of living decreases drastically and divorced mothers are at greater risk of living in poverty. A woman who is getting divorced while pregnant may begin experiencing the financial difficulties of divorce and single parenthood almost immediately. Losing income because of an inability to attend work due to pregnancy complications and divorce related meetings along with the expenses associated with filing for a divorce all combine to make divorcing while pregnant extremely difficult. Getting a divorce while pregnant comes with major emotional and financial repercussions for which not everyone is truly prepared.

Additional Hearings

Once you have reached a settlement agreement and overcome the financial difficulties associated with your divorce, it is possible that the matter is still not at an end. After the child is born, documents may need to be modified to reflect the child’s legal name, birthdate, and social security number. These modifications require additional fees and another hearing may be necessary. Also, once the child is born it is possible that one or both parties will have a change in heart regarding custody and visitation leading to more litigation.

Why You Need an Attorney

Divorce is complicated under the best of circumstances and when a pregnancy is involved, things become more difficult for everyone. The assistance of a family law attorney can help you manage a complex situation and reduce your chances of making a costly mistake. Here at Vayman & Teitelbaum, we understand that no two divorces are alike. We are prepared to answer your questions and provide you with legal advice that suits your unique legal situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at any of our four Atlanta area locations. Our team is ready to give you the quality legal representation that you deserve.