A growing number of millennials are using prenuptial agreements to protect their personal and professional assets prior to getting married. The changing trend is largely influenced by the larger percentage of adults who are only interested in getting married after they have established themselves financially and professionally. Unfortunately, even though more people are using prenuptial agreements, they are still relatively rare and a person being asked to sign one prior to getting married is often caught off guard. If you find yourself being asked to sign an agreement, there are some things you should keep in mind when deciding how to handle a prenuptial agreement request from your fiancé.

Stay Calm

Keeping your cool under these circumstances is understandably difficult, but it is absolutely necessary. A person who is already uncomfortable or nervous about asking you to sign a prenuptial agreement may be easily inclined to become defensive. No matter how hurt or embarrassed you are by the request, try to hold yourself together until you are alone. An argument at this point will only add to the confusion, frustration, and magnify any suspicions of distrust. When you initially receive the document, starting an argument will only make the situation worse and start any negotiation for changes off on the wrong foot.

Do Not Sign it Immediately

If your wedding is already scheduled or you simply do not care about the physical assets associated with your future spouse, it might be tempting to sign the prenuptial agreement immediately. No matter how you feel about the agreement itself, do not sign it without reading it thoroughly and weighing your options. Remember, the embarrassment of postponing a wedding or the expense of getting a consultation will more than likely be easier to tolerate than getting an unfair divorce settlement after a contentious divorce.

Consult Your Own Attorney

Having an attorney review your prenuptial agreement before you sign it protects both you and your fiancé. If your spouse or his or her attorney have made any errors in the prenuptial agreement, you could have problems in the future obtaining a divorce settlement or enforcing your spouse’s wishes if he or she passes away before you without updating a will. Also, it is possible that the prenuptial agreement will be considered invalid if you and your fiancé see the same attorney before it was signed rather than each party having his or her own independent counsel. Seeing an attorney gives you a chance to get questions answered and advice regarding making changes to the agreement your fiancé provided.

Vayman & Teitelbaum

Requesting and receiving a prenuptial agreement is often awkward, but ultimately the agreement is meant to help a couple separate their assets in the event of a divorce without drawn out litigation. The attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum specialize in creating and reviewing prenuptial agreements that protect our clients in the event of a divorce. With offices located throughout the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, we are here when you need legal advice and representation.  Contact us today at 678-736-7700 to schedule an initial consultation so that we can begin providing you with the legal help you need.