It is common myth among divorcing couples that older children suffer much less than younger children do when it comes to divorce. In actuality, this is not true because each child responds to a divorce differently and adjusts to life following divorce differently. As a result, parents who wait to divorce until children get older are not making things easier. Fortunately, there are some important pieces of advice that you can follow to make things easier on adult children following a divorce.

How Divorce can Affect Adult Children

Many adult children whose parents divorce find that their concept of a home is dissolved as well as the accompanying security that this concept brings. Additionally, some divorces can surprise adult children who might not have had an idea that marital problems even existed. Other adult children gradually realize that their parents are not infallible and are instead real people with their own problems. As a result, divorce is not better if it occurs when children are older. Instead, it is a better idea for parents to decide to divorce when they come to a conclusion that their marriage is over.

Be Patient with Your Children

Revealing a divorce to an adult child can leave the child with a lot to deal with. Not only will the adult child be required to accept that the family he or she once knew is forever changed, the adult child might also have to juggle these emotions against challenges in his or her own life. As a result, adult children frequently do not process all aspects of the divorce immediately. Instead, it is a better idea to remain patient and understand that your children will deal with the end of your marriage at their own pace.

Exercise Caution About What Information is Shared with Children

Just as it is a good idea to share some information about a divorce with your children, there is also some information that you should probably not share with them. It is important to remember that even adult children do not need to know every detail about your divorce.  Not only is there a risk that children might end up sharing some confidential details, there is also a risk that learning some more personal details will only hurt your children.

Do Not Speak Negatively About the Other Parent

Many adult children have positive relationships with both their parents. As a result, no matter if you were angered or hurt by your spouse, it is never a good idea to attempt to alienate your children from the other parent by sharing painful details of your divorce. Instead, healthy parents allow their adult children to respect their parental relationships no matter what happens between the two parents.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney

No matter the age of your children, the divorce process has the potential to be painful and complicated. If you are considering divorcing your spouse or are in the middle of a divorce that has ended up more challenging that you initially thought it would be, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. today to schedule a free case evaluation.