No matter how old children are, divorce can have a significant impact on their lives. Rather than remain part of one family, children must now learn how to live among two separate families. As these changes occur, many children find that a lot of things they have grown accustomed to have changed, which is why it is critical for parents to take measures so that children can continue leading stable lives. This article discusses some of the important elements of daily living that parents should make sure to keep stable for children following a divorce.


During the critical phase in which children are adjusting to the divorce, make sure that a sense of routine remains in the children’s daily lives. This means that both parents should keep the same structure and have the same approaches to child raising. It also means that important elements of childhood life including waking up times, mealtimes, homework hours, and bedtime should be kept the same between households. This will greatly decrease the amount of anxiety that the child experiences.

The Rules

It can be challenging for children to understand why one parent follows a certain set of rules while the other parent has an entirely different approach. If children are young enough, there is also a risk that they will side with the parent with the more agreeable rules, which leads some parents to act competitively to gain the child’s favor. Instead, it is a wise idea to keep the rules the same between households.


Divorce can lead to some children having a difficult time adjusting and coping to the changes that have occurred. It is critical for children to have stability while attending school or else this will compound the sense of instability at home. This means that you should refrain from taking the child away from his or her school district once a divorce is finalized. Doing so will not only increase the amount of instability in your child’s life, in many cases, this decision can also later result in the child having learning difficulties.

Family Relationships

Divorce touches the lives of many people, but you should convince your child or children after a divorce that it will not interfere with their relationship with family members. Instead, it is a wise idea to support your child having ongoing relationships with extended family members. This communicates to the child that even after divorce, there are still many people who love and support them.

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