The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year for most adults. In addition to the rush of preparing and planning for holiday events, the season often triggers depression. A man who is newly divorced has to navigate the difficulties of co-parenting along with the worst that the season has to offer. Without communication and planning, the happiest time of the year can quickly devolve into a nightmare. Taking advantage of this holiday cheat sheet for divorced dads will increase your chances of getting through the holidays with minimal problems.

Ask About School Projects

Recent studies have shown that today’s children have at least three times more homework than previous generations. While there are campaigns to reduce the amount of work children have to complete at home, right now it is safe to assume that your child will have some form of homework to complete over the holiday break. If you are keeping your children for a few days or the entire break, make sure that you are aware of any holiday projects or work that they are responsible for completing. Failure to ask questions could lead to an angry confrontation with your former partner about what they might perceive as carelessness or bad parenting.

Double Check Your Schedule

No matter how sure you are that you have been given time off from work always double check.  It is not unusual for employers to make last minute schedule changes that could interfere with the plans that you have made with your children. Checking to be sure that you are not going to have to work, confirming travel arrangements, and making sure that you have the correct times for family events will help you avoid disasters. Even after you have confirmed that all of your plans are intact, it is still a good idea to make back up plans for yourself and your children just in case things fall through at the last moment.

Get Everything in Writing

The most important thing that any father preparing for the holidays with his children should do is get everything in writing. Send your former partner text messages or emails that verify the times that you are meeting, when you are returning the children, and ask for any items that you believe you will need. Having your requests documented may help you in the future if there is a problem during or after the holiday season and your former partner starts disputing your account of events.

Ask for Help When Needed

There are times when all of the planning in the world does not prevent a holiday visit from becoming a nightmare. When you believe your holiday with your children is in jeopardy, asking for help from an expert is one way to salvage your plans. A child custody and visitation attorney can review your situation and give you the legal advice you need. The compassionate attorneys at Vayman & Teitelbaum understand how important spending time with your family is during the holidays, and we work with you ensure that you and your children can enjoy the season together.  Contact us today at one of our conveniently located Atlanta, Georgia offices to schedule an initial consultation.