As you proceed through a divorce, one of the greatest challenges that presents itself is how to extricate yourself from your former spouse and continue living the best life possible. While the process is a painful and often personal one, there are a number of decisions that come with it, including how assets should be divided. 

This division ranges from small to large items. If you are in the early stages of a divorce, it is helpful to make sure that you understand what to expect when you divide your assets, including your household property, which often includes small everyday items.

Retaining Ownership of your Private Possessions

Certain possessions that belong to only one spouse including clothes and family heirlooms will likely stay with that spouse after the divorce. These types of objects with private sentimentality are often not included in the property division process of a divorce. Shared items including furniture, cooking utensils, and tools are also sometimes classified as community property and are often part of property division.

Determining the Value of Your Property

In any divorce, the property that a couple shares during their marriage must first be evaluated so the property division remains fair. In the case of household items, the value of this property is often clear, with the exception of high-value items. If it becomes necessary to perform an appraisal of household items, former spouses might agree to divide the cost of an appraisal expert. 

Prioritizing Your Choices

After you understand the value of your assets, you must then make a decision about what types of items you would like to keep. Some people choose to rid themselves of many household items and would rather retain more valuable objects. 

If there are specific household items that you would like to retain, however, it is a wise idea to express these wishes specifically to your divorce attorney. Your attorney can then make sure that you take the steps necessary to retain possession of these objects.

Negotiating What Items You Will Keep

Divorce is a contentious time. It is not common for divorcing individuals to agree about every detail regarding the end of a marriage, including asset division. There are a number of proven strategies that can be used to facilitate the division of household items between a divorcing couple. 

During this time, it is a wise idea to consider what you are okay with giving up in exchange to obtain the objects that you desire. No matter the exact degrees of the negotiation, it is important that you remain willing to discuss what terms you might find agreeable with your divorce lawyer. 

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