Not all marriages work out. For couples who are forced to navigate a divorce, the challenge becomes how to make sure that the children endure the process as successfully as possible. For many children, the transition from life with two married parents to two separated parents can be difficult. In recognition of the best interest of the child standard, a growing number of divorces have resulted in 50/50 custody splits. There are fortunately a few steps that parents can take to make sure that their children feel comfortable living in two different households.

Place Familial Objects in Both Homes

No matter if one or both homes are new, it can be comforting to keep at least a few well-known objects around the child. No matter if the object is a stuffed animal or a lamp, this indirectly communicates to the children that they are in a place where they are safe and comfortable. It is often a better idea to listen to a child and keep a sentimental object or two during this transition than it is to throw the items out.

Listen to Your Child

The divorce process is ultimately between two adults, but children are greatly impacted by this process. One of the best ways to make the adjustment to a new home easier for the children is to listen to their concerns. Some parents even let their children become involved in decorating the new residence. Listening to even the smallest suggestions that children make can help create the feeling that they are loved and listened to by their parents. 

Create a Calendar

It can be difficult for divorced parents to manage the children’s schedules. Children can also experience difficulties in deciding where they should be. Creating a calendar on paper or online can be helpful to avoid confusion. Many parents use apps, which provide a detailed and easy-to-follow schedule for the whole family. 

Helping Children Pack for the Other Parent’s Home

In addition to keeping items at each parent’s homes like toothbrushes, it is also often necessary that items be carried between homes. To make sure that your child reduces the risk of leaving some important items at the other home, it is a good idea to help the child or children pack for the transition. One strategy that parents find helpful is creating a list of items the child should carry between homes. The child should then inspect this checklist while packing. This is also another helpful way to make sure that the child feels in control of making decisions during this difficult time. 

Speak with an Experienced Divorce Attorney

There are several small steps that parents can take to make the transition to residing in two homes much easier for children. During this time, it is also important to remember that an experienced divorce attorney can help greatly. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. today to schedule a free initial case evaluation.