When it comes to handling end-of-marriage issues, it is common to experience numerous negative emotions. One common obstacle that can create anxiety and stress in parents is deciding who will have the parenting rights to the couple’s children. 

For many parents, it is important to maintain a relationship with the children. Just because you disagree with your spouse about the terms of the divorce, however, does not mean that children should face the unpleasantness of having feuding parents. 

The following reviews some of the tips that parents can follow to increase the chances they will receive child custody. 

Use Mediation

One of the best ways to make sure that you receive a fair and reasonable child custody agreement is to undergo the mediation process. A mediator is an individual who is trained in dispute resolution designed to help opposing parties reach the most mutually beneficial agreement possible. Even though this process does not occur in a courtroom, both spouses can negotiate in a way that both protects their rights and makes sure that they get what they want. 

Because mediation agreements are written down, former spouses are much less likely to not follow through on these plans. As a result, mediation is often the best chance that parents have in making sure that each individual retains some type of custody over the couple’s child or children. 

Do Not Alienate Your Children

One common mistake that many divorcing parents make when navigating a divorce is that they attempt to manipulate children by attempting to convince them to pick one parent over the other. Often parents place children in this situation is to make the other parent look bad to courts, the community, and extended family. 

In reality, children have a right to develop strong relationships with both parents, even if these two adults grow to dislike one another. If a court finds out that a parent has attempted to alienate the couple’s children from the other parent, this can have a negative effect when custody issues are decided. 

Listen to Your Lawyer’s Instructions

To increase your chances of getting child custody, it is critical to listen to any advice provided by your family law attorney. By attempting to second guess your lawyer, you risk making a mistake that could significantly compromise your ability to later obtain child custody. An experienced family law attorney has helped many other people navigate this process and can make sure that you do not let your emotions negatively impact this process. 

Speak with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

There are many important things when it comes to navigating child custody issues. Fortunately, an experienced family law attorney can make this process much easier to handle. 

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