One of the first challenges that many people encounter during a divorce is how to inform the people around them. The thought of having to tell everyone you know one-on-one can be overwhelming. While you might be tempted to pretend that nothing has happened, eventually the people around you are likely to discover that you are getting divorced. Although you should not be required to provide specific details about your marriage, you should expect that you will have to inform the people around you about why your marriage has ended. The reality is that the more quickly you can inform people about a divorce and communicate how these individuals should handle matters, the less painful it will be to introduce information about the divorce. This article reviews some important suggests that you should follow when informing people about your divorce.

Know What to Say

It can be tempting to simply tell people that you are getting a divorce without explaining any of the surrounding details. In many cases, using too short an answer is likely to result in a number of people asking questions about why you decided to get divorced. While many people who inquire about your divorce will have good intentions, it is understandable that you might still want to avoid dealing with too many questions. For this reason, it is a wise idea to communicate the brief facts about why your marriage is ending and then to inform people what you would like them to do with those facts.

Decide How to Tell People About a Divorce

After deciding what to tell people about a divorce, it is important to decide how you want to tell them that your marriage is over. Some of the various methods that people use to tell others about a divorce include:

  • Social media. Some people are tempted to announce their divorce on Facebook or other social media platforms. Some individuals use discrete methods of changing their relationship status on social media sites from “married” to “single,” while others decide to more directly post a message on Facebook with the details about the end of their marriage.
  • Email messages. Some individuals decide to send out a well-written email to close acquaintances and family, which is much more private than social media. Many people decide against this method, however, because it tends to result in a number of lengthy responses from the recipients of the news.
  • Speeches. Some people decide to gather a group of individuals together and deliver a speech concerning the end of the marriage. This option, however, often lacks intimacy and it can be hard to determine what should be mentioned and what should be left out of the message.
  • Face to face. While it might be the most difficult method, many people report that the best way to tell others about a divorce is in one-on-one. These conversations allow a person to explain why the marriage has ended and directly respond to any questions about the divorce.

The exact method that works best for you, however, will often depend on a number of personal details about your divorce, your personality, and the type of people you are interested in telling.

Speak with an Experienced Divorce LawyerWhile telling others that you plan to get divorced can be difficult, it is not impossible. Another important piece of advice that you should follow to successfully navigate a divorce is to quickly obtain the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney. Contact Vayman & Teitelbaum, PC today to schedule an initial free case evaluation with a knowledgeable family lawyer.